Unknown Island
Unknown Island
General information
Description Tropical island with three suns.
Protection Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Location Unknown Location

Unknown Island is a tropical island in an unknown location where Denitra send Christine Jenkins to while she was wrapped into mummy like bundle, in a way to keep Christy away from Billie.


The atmosphere of the Island is seen to be breathable as Christy did stay for a period of time and was able to adjust to the environments.


The Island has three suns, due to being split in three parts, as every part has twin destinies. In one of the time runs more quickly, seconds becomes months and on another one, where minutes becomes years, and one where the time goes normal. The island has light weeks and dark weeks.

Life FormsEdit

One of the notable native inhabitants of the Island are the vicious creatures known as the Tribe Members and nocturnal small aggressive carnivorous flying insects, as a collective would be able to tear a person apart in seconds and reducing anything in their path to bones. As Billie nicknamed as " a swarm of flying hell". The current status of the Island is unknown as Billie eventually was able to locate her sister and save her from the Island through the usage of the Key of Life.

Power LimitationsEdit

It was revealed by Christy that the Island has a effect in which is makes witches powerless as it has somehow sublimated the Firestarter within her. But it is unknown what effects it can have on the non native creatures, because Denitra is a artifical and she was wearing an ankle bracelet which protected her from the different effects, as Billie was a witch, she was protected by the Ethereal Sword, and she had her powers.

Notable inhabitantsEdit


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