General information
Effects To create and manipulate shadows.
Trigger Direct hand, verbal or mental command, physical contact
Alignment Evil
Category Active Power

Umbrakinesis, also called Shadow Manipulation, is the ability to create, control and manipulate shadows for various purposes and effects.

It is the polar opposite of Photokinesis, which is the ability to create and manipulate light and orbs.



By forcing shadows to enter the airways of other beings, users of this ability can suffocate their victims in a slow and painful manner.

Shadow BlastsEdit

By channeling shadows, users of this ability can unleash powerful blasts of concussive shadow-like energy that can repel objects and beings. When hit with sufficient force, these blasts of shadow can be used to vanquish beings.


By transforming oneself into shadows, users of this ability will become intangible and thus able to move through solid objects. This also grants immunity to physical and certain magical attacks.


By spreading shadows in a certain location, users of this ability can create darkness to prevent others from seeing. It can also be used to cast a shadow around oneself to avoid detection like a form of camouflage. The range of these shadows depend on the user, as particularly powerful beings could potentially cover entire cities, countries or even the world in shadow.

List of UsersEdit

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