Time Travel
Time Travel
General information
Effects To travel through time and into the past or future.
Trigger Various
Alignment Neutral
Category Supportive Power

Time Travel is the magical ability to travel through time, allowing users to either travel to the past or future. There are several known methods of time traveling and the mechanics of time travel greatly differ dependent on the method and destination.


Spell CastingEdit

Several magical beings, such as Witches, can travel through time by casting a spell to take them to their desired time.

When traveling to the past, magical beings lose their magical powers because either they do not exist yet or are possessed by younger versions of themselves. However, at least one spell allows magical beings to retain their powers no matter what, which was used by Chris Halliwell to travel back in time. When traveling to the future through a spell, magical beings will inhabit their future bodies. However, it is unknown what happens if they travel to a future in which they have died.


Users of Chronokinesis can maniplate the flow of time, thus allowing them reverse or speed up time around them, essentially sending them through time. However, this requires a great amount of magical energy.

Portals and VortexesEdit

Portals and Vortexes can be opened to different locations and planes, though certain portals and vortexes also allow beings to travel through time. However, there is a risk of these portals and vortexes only go in one direction, meaning that beings who travel through them may get stuck in another time.


Several magical artifacts allow those who acivate them to travel through time.

List of UsersEdit

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