Thermal Balls
Thermal Balls
General information
Effects Conjure a ball made of pure thermal and psychic energy.
Trigger Concentration
Alignment Neutral
Category Offensive Power

Thermal Balls is the ability to conjure a ball of highly concentrated psychic and thermal energy, which manifest as intense purple flames.

This ability was first seen being possessed by the half-demon named Sirk after he killed Paige Matthews, and due to his ability to gain new power with each kill.

It's been revealed that The Dark Vessel possessed this ability as well when he vanquished Cross. Althought, Christine Jenkins is also been shown to be able to conjure these intense purple flames due to being a telepathic Witch as well as a Firestarter.

It seems to be related to Thermokinesis, the ability to manipulate temperature. As well as similar to Thermal Blast, a ability which is exclusively possessed for the Mercury Demons.

List of UsersEdit

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