The Upper Regions1
The Upper Regions
General information
Description Heavenly Plane of existence. The Home of The Council of Elders and the Greater Good.
Protection Shielding (Presumely)
Alignment Good
Location Bright and clouded sky

The Upper Regions also known as Paradise or Heaven is an celestial and divine and eternal realm that is the indigenous homeworld and the headquarters of countless of diffrent angelic beings.

Although not all angelic beings do inhabits in The Upper Regions, and also serves as the final resting place of deceased souls who has accomplished tremulously amount of good.

Although many magical and non magical beings from both good and evil has made their way to Heaven through salvation etc, as the exact requirements to go to Heaven is unclear. The appearance of angels in Heaven generally possess a human form but not necessarily ex-mortals,

Heaven also serves as a destination for deserving souls after their deaths, they are sometimes offered to become angelic beings themselfs and to continue to do tremulously amount of good or continue to their own personal characterisation of heaven due to depending on the person.

The NatureEdit

Although many angelic beings are good and naturally pacifists and aren't really allowed to use physical force but some angelic beings has once or twice taking drastic measures for the greater good or to protect their charges / innocents.

Despite they are all angelic beings and many of them do share a common purpose of protecting the innocent and vanquishing evil, all of them don't have a good relationship do to mainly with the dramatic differences in their natures.

Fortunately, in face of great crisis, both parties have been shown to be able to put aside their differences and work together effectively, showing that both do value the other in the eternal fight against evil.

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