The Hollow
The Hollow
General information
Full name The Hollow / The Hallow
Born Unknown
Classification Upper-Level
Species Magical Vapor
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Distinction Absorbs all forms of magic with it's path, cannot be vanquished or destroyed
Family information
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Affiliation Information
Status Returned to Its navtive world
Alignment Neutral
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

First appearance Charmed and Dangerous
Last appearance The Neutral Element

The Hollow, sometimes referred to as The Hallow, is a mysterious and ancient vapor that can absorb all forms of magic it comes into contact with. If left unguarded, the Hollow would absorb all the magic in the world, destroying both good and evil. In order to prevent this from happening, the forces of good and evil decided to work together and contain it within an ancient burial ground, where it would be guarded for all eternity.



Ancestry QuestEdit

The Woogyman was merged with the Hollow, with the help from Dirt Wolves and Cross, to use two evil witches and sample of Christy's blood for a potion to cloak a evil witch in Goodness so they could cast a unique spell in an unknown language. Which not supposed to exist which is capable of taming The Hollow. As they were chanting the rectangular box exploded and unleashing the Hollow which merged with him making him able to tame the Hollow. When the Goddess of Neutrality has returned and after the battle with The Woogyman ended. She returned the Hollow to its native home.


  • Charmed - Season 4
    • Charmed and Dangerous
  • Charmed - Season 8
    • Kill Billie Vol. 2
    • Forever Charmed

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