The Crone
The Crone
General information
Full name The Crone

Leathria (Formerly)

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Nicknames / Titles The Crone
Classification Upper Level
Species Demon
Distinction Advising and guiding both Good or Evil
Family information
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Affiliation Information
Status Alive
Alignment Evil
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

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First appearance Baby's First Demon
Last appearance The Dwelling in the Ambiguous

The Crone (Formerly known as Leathria) is a centuries old demonic Seer, who was to believe have been vanquished by the Charmed Ones long time ago. She is representing and advising those in power both from the Demonic Market and the Underworld. She had foreseen the power and future of Piper and Leo's first born son Wyatt, the Crone used a advanced subtle strategy to steal the child without attacting the Charmed Ones head on.


In the 1200 Century the Crone was known as Leathria, and developed a friendship with a woman named Aleera, later known as the Evil Enchantress. After helping Aleera discover to be a very powerful witch. The Crone was betrayed and got her powers bound being considered as a liability. She was later on severely beaten with a whip in public.

Manipulated EventsEdit

The Crone made sure that Paige would be able to find her birth parents, by vanquishing undercover demons moments from being born and adding the missing information on Paige's Adoption Records while later was seen talking with the Dirt Wolves.

Meeting The Charmed OnesEdit

After Piper gave birth to her first born son. Many other demons was intent on acquiring the infant's power and failing to do so. After two of the parasite demons tried to kill Wyatt and one get vanquished by Piper, the last one managed to escape back to the Demonic Market. The Crone criticized on them for all the devastation which was caused by the Charmed Ones. She was in progress of vanquishing the last parasite demon and the Charmed Ones happend to run in just as she commits the act. The Crone returned Wyatt's baby blanket as a "peace offering" with the guarantee that no further attempts would be made on Wyatt's life. She adivsed them to rest and conserve their energy, as they would need it later as she had foreseen.

The Monkey Totem and "Vanquish"Edit

The Crone went to great possible degree to stop attacks on Wyatt so as to spare demonic lives, even passing a law against killing him, which would later be broken on several instances in the coming years, none ever once successfully killing him. Through the use of an artifact known as the Monkey Totem . She was about to steal the Charmed Ones' senses, for example Paige's voice, Piper's eyesight, and Phoebe's hearing and the help of the Kazi king and his warriors to distract the Charmed Ones. in an attempt to long enough to learn all she can about Wyatt's future. After eventually accomplishing her goal, only to be vanquished seconds later.

Imprisonment and RelaseEdit

Even since the Crone discovered that she was manipulated through her premonitions by the Ancestral Council, she wanted to get revenge, but as Prue said to Phoebe that someone has placed a bounty on her head and believed someone would possibly vanquish her, After some time it was revealed that the Crone was not vanquished but she was a victim of petrification and stored in depository of a Hawker Demon's Shop for unknown reason she was relased and after finding out through her premonitions of the events on what has happened in the world.

She summoned two beings who were hunting her who turned out to be Klea and Sid and after talking with them she kills them in different ways, but she wanted to work with the Ancestral Council on her terms so she saved a person who looks identical to Billie Jenkins of this world who appeared after Billie in this reality casted a spell in order to know if she should marry Rathmere Wolfmore, but the spell had a different effect then it did before after it was used by Phoebe Halliwell by not summoning both her younger self and older self from the past and future but it caused doppelganger from alternative reality to appear instead.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Active Powers
    • Precognition - The ability to predict the past the present and the future.
    • Glistening - The ability to teleport via sparks.
    • Particle Energy - The ability to fire a particles of energy.
    • Sand Manipulation - The ability to create and control sand.
    • Resurrection - The ability to resurrect beings from the dead.
    • Temporal Stasis - The ability to slow or stop the flow of time itself.
    • Conjuration – The ability to create or magnify material objects already in existence or to summon an object from another place or another time.
  • Additional Powers
    • Summoning - The ability to conjure a being into the user's vicinity.
    • Immortality - The ability to live forever and not age. It also allows to be immune to all human and supernatural diseases and viruses.
    • Reconstitution - The ability to be reformed again after being vanquished.


  • Charmed - Season 5
    • Baby's First Demon
    • Sense and Sense Ability

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