Temporal Bubbleone
Temporal Bubble
General information
Effects Chronokinetic Petrification.
Trigger Frustration / Anger / Focus on target(s)
Alignment Unknown
Category Offensive Power

Temporal Bubble is the magical ability to slow down the time of an objects and beings to the point where they stop moving completely as being frozen in time by being surrounded by powerful bubble of bright kinetic force of energy.

the immobilized effect might not be affected if they possess strong enough immunity as a collective or for example the Angels of Destiny and the Angels of Death possess true immunity as they play a vital part in the Grand Design.

Or possess or protected by Compulsion Shielding or reversed time encapsulation, otherwise it would be able contained the enemies for a eternally as their bodies can't adapt enough to allow them to break free. It is activated with either mental commands, which is using just the power of your mind to control and immobilized several targets at once in time, or with verbal commands.

List of UsersEdit

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