General information
Effects Various aspects of Telepathy.
Trigger Concentration
Alignment Neutral
Category Supportive Power

Telepathy is the rare and coveted ability to read and manipulate the thoughts of another beings. Users of this power are often called Telepaths and can be either good and evil. Various beings possess a limited form of Telepathy, such as Whitelighters and Darklighters.

At the beginning, the user can have difficulties to control this ability due to the massive waves of thoughts from other beings, but more advanced and experienced Telepaths can read and/or project thoughts, sometimes while rubbing their temples to increase concentration or soothe the pain associated with reading multiple thoughts at once.

There are various forms of Telepathy. Depending on the form of Telepathy the user possess, some beings are required to channel their ability through their hands while others focus through their minds.

Aspects of TelepathyEdit

Power ReplicationEdit

A variation of the power used to temporarily duplicate the abilities of other magical beings within proximity and reproduce and use them at will. Some telepaths are able to tap into another person's thought/mind and recreate the other person's power/magic and use it as if it was their own.

This is also a subpower within Empathy. however, a user of empathy would tap into another person's emotions rather than thoughts to duplicate their power.

Power ChannelingEdit

A variation of the power used to deflect all kind of supernatural powers or to channel and use the magic of other magical beings, once activated.

However, telepathic users can only channel and use the magic (spells) of others by tapping into another person's thought/mind. This is also a subpower within Empathy. however, a user of empathy would tap into another person's emotions to deflect their active powers.

Telepathic CommunicationEdit

True Telepaths are able to activate their power while concentrating on the minds of the beings they want to communicate with, while reading the other person's mind at the same time. The telepathic range can be presumed to be unlimited as they are able to communicate and maintain contact with beings between worlds, dimensions, or even planes. This ability is capable to automatically detect incoming danger to warn the possessors so they are able to protect themselves.

Telepathic CompulsionEdit

This is a weaker aspect of Telepathy, when the Telepaths are able to send incredibly strong thought, without using words for commands, into minds of other beings to influence their thoughts and actions, without actually controlling them. However, the victims can resist the influence.

Telepathic ErasureEdit

This is an aspect of Telepathy, when the Telepaths are able to erase specific thoughts and memories of specific time of days, months, or even years from minds of other beings by rubbing their temples.

Telepathic BlastEdit

Telepathic Blast
A variation of the power used to project a powerful Psychic Blast to attack your opponent. Developing this aspect is rare for users in general; Denitra was the only telepath shown to posses it.

When Xar kidnapped Denitra, she was able to escape him by first using her power of Pyrokinesis to burn the ropes off her hands, and then by using her telepathic power by rising her hands to her temples to project a powerful Psychic Blast, which broke through the protective shield around her, and her psychic power to incinerate the Demon Captures.

List of UsersEdit

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