Telekinetic Conjuration
Telekinetic Conjuration
General information
Effects To instantly create a wave of weapons from nothing
Trigger Imagination / Focus / Handwave / Mental / verbal command
Alignment Good
Category Active & Defensive & Offensive Power

Telekinetic Conjuration is the ability to instantly create a wave of weapons from nothing, which are launched at the desired target through a motion or have of the arm or hand.

This power is a combination of the Conjuration and Telekinesis and shares many similarities to Orb Telekinesis. It can be activated with either mental or verbal command. When using verbal commands, users do not need to be completely accurate with the names they call specific objects.


This is the ability to send or redirect objects and sharp objects towards another person. It involves making those conjured sharp objects to disappear or counteract before sending it in your desired direction, this ability requires a combination of both mental and verbal commands.

List of UsersEdit

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