General information
Effects Move organic and non organic objects solely with the mind / the hands or eyes.
Trigger Anger / Squint Eyes
Alignment Neutral
Category Active Power

Telekinesis is the common ability which can be possessed by magical beings, either Good or Evil or even Neutral, to move various organic and non organic objects and beings solely with the mind. Although it can advance to be channeled through the eyes or hands as well which is more common.

Strength and SkillEdit

The accumulation of knowledge and power which can results from the user, which more experienced users and concentration will improve the precision and accuracy as well as the distance that objects / beings can be moved.

Alternative UtilizationEdit

Enhanced Durability can be utilized by Telekinesis to enhance one's combat skills and agility. Such as performing flips, leaps and jumps even allowing them to defy gravity momentarily, which would otherwise be impossible for a normal human being to do so without the telekinetic powers while making them look effortless.


Deviation is a aspect which can be used by powers such as Telekinesis to redirect other powers, such as Energy Balls or Fire Throwing, back at opponents, not to be confused with the power of Deflection.

Strangulation and CrushingEdit

Enhanced Strength can be utilized by Telekinesis to be able to strangle targets or crush their skulls, heart, or any other organs. The distance limit between the user and the victim is dependent on the strength and skill of the user.

Telekinetic ClingingEdit

It's has been shown by be possible to utilized Telekinesis to be able to to attach oneself to solid surfaces and climb anywhere and on anything.

By holding the arms out reached sideways using kinetic energy to slowly stop falling, and to use as a glue to be able to cling to solid surfaces on the wall, by attracting kinetic energy back to the pawn.

List of UsersEdit

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