Spiritual Conjuration
Spiritual Conjuration
General information
Effects To conjure spirit based creatures by thoughts of the user it into reality.
Trigger Imagination / Focus or hand wave
Alignment Good
Category Active & Defensive & Offensive Power

Spiritual Conjuration is a different form of Conjuration, allowing the user to conjure spirit-based animals through thought. The user can conjure different animals, such as wolves, birds and even larger animals such as bulls. These animals can be used for various purposes, most notably to attack and even vanquish demons. This power is channeled through both the mind and the hands.


This ability will grow to the point that the user can project powerful beings and even empowered them much more if needed, the user would be able to generate spiritual spheres of energy to a resemblance of Energy Balls, with one hand by using the sheer power of your mind.

And move your second hand over the spiritual sphere to empowered it and make a contact with the spiritual sphere and launched extremely powerful beams of concentrated spiritual energy from the pawns of your hands and a ferocious whirling tornado appears manifesting the desired beings. Also the user can create spiritual protection spheres that can protect one from other individuals and powers and also simulate limited versions of different powers.

Exhaustion & LimitationsEdit

Although the user could simulate different powers, that is not wise due to this ability wasn’t meant to be used like that, because it can be extremely exhausting for its users and will make it's conjurations much more weaker as it requires a lot of energy and concentration to maintain spiritual creatures and simulate different powers simultaneously under same time or in larger scales,

which will cause your powers to be ineffective or inactive quite some time now making the users defenseless due to the great usage of magic.

List of UsersEdit

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