General information
Effects To magically sense and detect the presence of various things anywhere.
Trigger Concentration
Alignment Neutral
Category Supportive Power

Sensing is the ability to find any living person anywhere in the world. However, this ability is ineffective if the particular person is dead. This ability is actually kind of average among angelic beings, such as Whitelighters. However, many other magical beings, both good and evil, also possess it. It is possible for a magical being to put someone on mute.

Types of SensingEdit

Charge SensingEdit

There is a great diversity of Magical Beings who possess this form of ability, often limited to specifically to locate their charges and communicate with them simply by calling out their name.

Although it's a unidirectional connection to hear their charge speak, any place in the world. However, this ability is ineffective if the particular charge is dead or in the Underworld.

They are also able to instantly hear a charge's inner call if the charge is in immediate or life-threatening danger and sense on a physical level about their physical wellbeing. They are able to put charges on mute when they want to.

Alternative SensingEdit

Some Magical Beings are able to sense great powers in others, or tracking them when they are using their teleportation abilities or sense evil qualities in mortals.

List of UsersEdit

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