General information
Effects Magical searching for a location of any living being or object.
Trigger Guide a crystal over a map

Magical Inheritance

Alignment Neutral
Category Basic power

Scrying is a magical ability used to find a lost object or a person. The user must hold a crystal pendant over a map of the area where the lost person or object is. Scrying sometimes requires an item of the lost person or demon, such as clothes or blood. The object can also be related to the thing you are scrying for.

The more violent and ferocious the activity of the swings of the pendant is, the closer the user is to the object on the map (kind of like a "warm or cold" method of looking for something). The pendant will eventually pinpoint the exact location of the object or person by pulling down onto a spot on the map after a certain amount of time.

Alternative MethodsEdit


Cyber Scrying

Billie using the Cyber-Scrying.

Cyber-Scrying is a very user-friendly method for the modern day scrying, which enables the user to scry with a computer, using a GPS on-screen map and a large quartz crystal attached to a mouse. Moving the crystal over the mousepad moves the cursor on the on-screen map. When the target is located, the on-screen map would put a red square over the area and the crystal would stick fast.


IScry is a very user-friendly magical high tech device for the modern day scrying, which has resemblance to a black touch screen device. It is equipped with a great diversity of features, such as data storage and retrieval, voice recognition, virtual reality interface, and 8-megapixel camera to record and take high quality pictures, video and audio, etc. The IScry is equipped with its own power source that will not infringe on the constant recharging. A user can also instruct the IScry to perform a very broad function without requiring a detailed knowledge of the specified function, as the IScry would fill in the blanks.

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