Pyrokinetic Regeneration
Pyrokinetic Regeneration
General information
Effects To heal trhough extremely powerful light-based flames.
Trigger Concentration / Love
Alignment Good
Category Supportive / Offensive Power

Pyrokinetic Regeneration is the rare ability to heal by blasting an extremely powerful gust of light-based flame. resemblance of highly advanced version of healing to fire a powerful blow-torch like in the direction of the user's arm(s) or hand(s) motion(s) which engulfs the wounded humans and animals etc in intense flames of healing,

examples of their impressive healing ability is being able to heal serious injuries, even such as the loss of limb, beyond the lengths of the whitelighter counterpart. But because they are a different species then those who possess healing,

not every Good Wizard-Witches will develop or inherit this ability which makes it extremely rare and exclusively possessed by some of those Good Wizard-Witches. Although the trigger for this healing ability is love there are also different form for the evil counterpart the trigger is hate.


It was revealed in the episode "The Butterfly After Effect" that the Warrior's artifacts and the Goblet of Magic granted 4 destined Wizard-Witches to become one with the holy flames. Due to the Grand Design and the natural balance so the evil ones were granted with a counterpart ability to always feel the string of physically fatigue and in constant agony and their betrayal.


Kiss of LifeEdit

Kiss of Life is an counterpart variation of this ability by passionately kissing the wounded humans on the lips or cheaks, while healing their lungs and the rest of the body, they shouldn't be interrupted until the wounded innocents is fully healed from the inside.

when the ability is activated the pupils of the user's eyes are covered with bright blue orbs, while on other magical beings the pupils of the user's eyes are covered with light-based flames.

Side EffectsEdit

This ability always comes with a strongly advisable reasons not to be activated, when used on wounded humans or charges under small extended time. They would be engulfed in intense false aspects of feeling of sexual desire and warm attraction and powerful positive emotions of regard,

which the healer itself feels for their spouse or lover, which can cause confusion to the innocents that results from taking one thing to be another and could also cause a state of depression. However their spouse or lover aren't affected by the influence of this ability.

Sensory HealingEdit

Sensory Healing is the combined ability of Sensing and Healing to locate and find to heal any other wounded beings anywhere in the world by being surrounded by powerful gust of huge swarm of warm golden bright orbs or light-based pyrokinetic flame.

List of UsersEdit

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