Pryokinetic Excruciation
Pyrokinetic Excruciation
General information
Effects Engulfs the victims in extreme amounts of pain.
Trigger Hate
Alignment Evil
Category Offensive Power

Pyrokinetic Excruciation is the rare evil counterpart ability to blast an extremely powerful gust of nearly visible blow-torch like flame in the direction of the user's arm(s) or hand(s) motion(s) which engulfs the victims in extreme amounts of pain

But because they are a different species then those who possess touch of death, not every Evil Wizard-Witches will develop or inherit this ability which makes it extremely rare and exclusively possessed by some of those Evil Wizard-Witches.


It was revealed in the episode "The Butterfly After Effect" that the Warrior's artifacts and the Goblet of Magic granted 4 destined Wizard-Witches to become one with the holy flames. Due to the Grand Design and the natural balance so the evil ones were granted with a counterpart ability to always feel the string of physically fatigue and in constant agony and their betrayal.

List of UsersEdit

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