Petrification Orbing
Petrification Orbing
General information
Effects Petrified objects by used of orbs with the power of the mind.
Trigger Verbal (and / or) Mental command
Alignment Good
Category Offensive Power

Petrification Orbing is the ability to turn beings or objects into stone or reverse petrification by being surrounded by powerful gust of golden orbs.

It is activated with either mental commands, which is using just the power of your mind to control and petrified object, or with verbal commands, which is waving your hand while calling for and petrifying the object, the latter being the most common way to use the ability.

When using verbal commands, it's not necessary to be completely accurate with the name you use, when calling for an object. although the name has to be if nothing else closely to the object, or you will not be able to petrify it.


This ability will grow to the point that the users would be able to project a powerful petrific blast to attack your opponent(s) in all directions of destructive energy that would cause instant petrification and also disintegrating several targets at once.

List of UsersEdit

  • Adria McNamara

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