Orb Telekinesis
Orb Telekinesis
General information
Effects Move or orb objects with the power of the mind.
Trigger Verbal (and / or) Mental Command
Alignment Neutral
Category Active Power

Orb Telekinesis is a combination of Orbing and Telekinesis, which allows users to move objects by teleporting them through use of orbs.

There are many variations to this power and it is possessed by various magical beings, such as Whitelighter-Witches, Wizard-Witches and Darklighter-Witches. The power shares similarities to the powers of Telekinetic Conjuration and Apportation.


Orbing a soul

Orb Telekinesis is activated verbal or mental command, though the former is more common and easier to control. Experienced users might learn to activate it with just mental command. However, users do not need to be specific when calling an object, as long as the intended objects is clear.

When activating this powers, users most often have to hold out their hand and call for the object in question and move it through hand gestures.


As this power advances, users will be able to orb more and heavier objects as well as beings. They can also learn to activate their power on mental command alone.

Additional Advancements and UnitizationEdit

Remote OrbingEdit

Remote Orbing

This is an advancement the user would able with merely wave their hand to orb other people from one place to another to a specific location instead of having to orb with them, and to send demons flying toward a wall like other telekinetics would be able to.



This is the ability to send or redirect objects and powers towards another person. It involves call for an object and have it orb towards, before sending it in your desired direction, while guiding it with orbs. This power is especially useful for redirecting offensive powers, such as energy balls, this ability requires a combination of both mental and verbal command.

Augmentation and CloningEdit

These are unique aspects of augmentation and cloning would be later developed within Orb Telekinesis. Before sending it in your desired direction, while guiding it with orbs, the user would also be able to clone the energy or fireball(s) into several energyballs or fireballs and empowering and enlarging them. By calling for example "Empowered" "Enlarged" "Duplicate".

List of UsersEdit

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