General information
Full name Nanta
Born Underworld
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Classification Upper Level
Species Demon
Distinction Guiding young demons to take over companies
Family information
Family Unknown
Affiliation Information
Status Vanquished
Alignment Evil
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

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First appearance Mr. & Mrs. Witch
Last appearance The Past and the Present and the Future (Mentioned)
Nanta: Never..ever.. try that again.
(Nanta after slicing off a demon’s left hand with a conjured sword.)

Nanta was a demon who planned to take over a company to set a demonic foothold in the mortal world. When she wanted to achieve her goals, she kidnapped a mortal child named Rod Dalvos and passed off a demonic duplicate, because he was a kidnap victim as Christy as well. Through an enchanted piece of paper, Billie then discovered he was magical.

Meanwhile Billie developed the power of Projection, accidentally turning her presumable parents into assassins. Nanta noticed this and she hired Billie's presumable parents to kill Grant Pelham.

At a press conference, presumable Carl and Helen Jenkins attempted to kill Grant Pelham. But Piper froze them before the bullet hit. However, the demonic duplicate then stood up and shot 'his cousin' instead, used this to his advantage by framing presumable Carl and Helen Jenkins.

To clear Billie's presumable parents, Piper later glamoured into Dalvos and confessed to the murder to the press, Nanta was showing violent anger that her plans were ruined, Nanta appeared before Dalvos and conjured a gun, killing him and making it appear like a suicide. The Charmed Ones never went after Nanta, stating they would see her again in thirty years.

The ReappearanceEdit

After some unspecific months, not much longer after the Ultimate Battle between Denitra and Billie and the Charmed Ones, Nanta appeared again in San Francisco walking to the Maternity Ward at the San Francisco Memorial Hospital as she moved her hands and all pregnant women felt in a sleep and disappears as they are replaced with demonic decoys.

The Ancestral Council discovered about this and informed The Collective Wizards and The Jenkins sisters and team up with The Charmed Ones, while Adrianna used a specific potion which simulated actual pregnancy and one shapeshifting potion. When an female doctor was about to exam a hugely pregnant Adrianna. A very pale male possessor demon dressed in black clothes appears through shimmering Adrianna acted as she didn't notice him and let herself become abducted after the male possessor demon possessed the female doctor, she moves her hand in front of Adrianna's face as she acts that she was affected and falls asleep and teleports her away and as the possessor demon dispossess the female doctor as he disappears.

When Adrianna appeared through a portal hovering down as she was placed on a maternity bed in a hospital grown. Nanta quickly went thinking it was a random abducted pregnant woman, and lifted Adrianna's head and puts a towel under her head,

and examining Adrianna’s pregnancy to see how far she was in her development, Nanta was shown being overly protective when a random demon showing curiosity and attempted to touch one of the abducted pregnant woman, which cause Nanta to slice off his left hand with a conjured sword.

The DownfallEdit

Nanta was instantly grabbed by The Woogyman and levitating her by the wist and vanquishing her by dark energy when he tears her apart, due to Cole's manipulation when he astral possessed several demons and attacked The Woogyman and blaming the treason on Nanta for the overthrown attempt, Nanta wasn't able to defend her actions due to Cole used Sense Inducement causing Nanta's vocal chords to stop working.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Active Powers
    • Conjuration – The ability to create or magnify material objects already in existence or to summon an object from another place or another time.
    • Shimmering – The ability to teleport in form of a shimmer.
    • Sleep Inducement – The ability to force a being(s) to sleep.
    • Apportation - The ability to project matter through space in the form of energy.
  • Additional Powers
    • Immortality – Living for an infinitely long lifespan and having an arrested aging process.
    • Immunity – The ability to be immune to witches powers.


  • Charmed - Season 8
    • Mr. & Mrs. Witch

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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