Mind Transference
Mind Transference
General information
Effects Put a person into another's mind.
Trigger Hand Gesture
Alignment Good
Category Supportive Power

Mind Transference is the ability to place a being into the mind of someone else through a pink haze, which covers the targets and instantly teleport them into the mind of someone else by a wave of a hand.

If the being with a magical heritage is inhabiting someone's mind, they will be able to use their powers through the person they are inhabiting. They can also teach or learn the person about various things. Also the person who is body is being inhabited, will only see the reflection of the person that's in their head. Being united together for a long period of time can lead to bad consequences such as loud speech causing headaches.

However the user would be able to undo the effect by a wave of a hand which would separate the two beings.

List of UsersEdit

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