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  • Buffyfan123 wrote:

    Dragonfly82 wrote:

    This is a abomination How do they dare to committ the defacement of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? They want us to buy that crap now.

    OMG, That is bad. I heard this before, but never saw it. I refuse to buy this, I am sticking with my dvds. No way will I buy this blu ray. It's terrible.

    The X-Files remaster which came out two years ago was much better. 

    Dragonfly: And one scene I saw which is very disrespectful is there was a episode where we can see them making the episode. 

    'Buffyfan123: 'OMG, that is even worse. 

    Buffyfan123 wrote:

    Dragonfly82 wrote:

    Had you thought about how Buffy was able to enter Sunnydale even though Anya did make Cordelia's wish true after it was said Buffy never returns. I think Anya did have a fine print on her wishes if nobody does calls Buffy to come to Sunnydale then she will not.

    You are righ.

    However maybe Buffy being killed by the master is the consequence for returning to sunnydale. That makes so much sense. Her coming back meant she died. haha

    Dragonfly: Because he had the chance to be powerful and drink blood and get accustomed.

    Buffyfan123: Indeed. After reading so many charmed fanfics, feel like looking for buffy ones. Afterall, Buffy ended ih a way you have so much you can do in stories. If you ignore the comics.

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