Mermaids with legs
General information
Full name Mermaids
Born The Sea
Classification Varies
Species Immortal Human Fish Hyrbids
Diversity Mermaids
Distinction Guardians of the sea
Family information
Family Mermaids and Mermen
Affiliation Information
Status Extant
Alignment Good
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

First appearance A Witch's Tail, Part 1
Last appearance A Witch's Tail, Part 2

Mermaids or Mermen are a cold blooded race of immortal creatures of the sea as they are able to spend eternity at sea, mostly common knowledge about Mermaids that they like shiny bubbles, sea shells, and sea shanties are the only songs they know.

They can spent their lives exploring the wonders of the seas. Although Mermaids gets lonely, her heart will warm up and then she will become curious about the world ashore, when a mermaid is heartbroken her heart can turned cold again if she lets it, as she is feeling betrayed and disappointed as she naturally feels drawn back to the sea as their powers are not really gone that they were only temporary inactive.

Mermaids are beautiful Atlantean natives, with a magnificent figure and are guardians of the sea, some mermaids are so powerful that they are able to have legs even under water and they are able to breathe under water even in human form, they are born with the ability to naturally use magical powers and abilities, they can be either male or female and are born with these magical traits,

which they can pass them on to their children. Mermaids can be either be good or evil are both male and female, although male mermaids are referred as mermen, though mermaids are more common.

Additionally, mermaids are able to sense and communicate with mammals and other underwater beings, which are usually unseen by mortals. Powerful mermaids often possess one or more active powers, most commonly occupations are inhabiting the sea on the mortal world for example marine biologists, some mermaids usually wears wetsuit with short pant legs or swimsuit depending occupations. Some ridiculous myths and legends are based from hallucinated sailors.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


As creatures of the sea, Mermaids are dependent on water for their survival. When Mermaids are seperated from water for too long, their health and powers will start to weaken. If completely deprived of water or exposed to significant heat, Mermaids will be severely weakened and eventually dry out.

Mermaids and MortalsEdit


  • Charmed - Season 5
    • A Witch's Tail, Part 1
    • A Witch's Tail, Part 2
  • Ancestry Quest - Season 2
    • Non

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