Memory Crystals
Memory Crystals
General information
Usage To copy or store or restore memeories.
Owner(s) Christopher Halliwell

Phoeobe Halliwell

Andrea Wolfmore

Alignment Good
Category Magical Artifact

Memory Crystals are rectangular magical artifacts which are able to copy and store or restore memories.


The Memory Crystals first appeared in when Chris appeared from the future and revealed that Paige become deranged due to the lost of her children and killed anyone close to her, and caused Connor to vanish into non-existence. Before Chris disappeared back to the future. He managed to give Phoebe a light brown rectangular box with a rectangular memory crystal.

The Crystals made a second appearances this time it was used by Andrea. As she was concered about the future of her parents as well as her own existence.

  • Active Powers
    • Knowledge Absorption - The ability which allows one to psychically absorb knowledge from other various sources.


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