Knowledge Absorption
Knowledge Absorption
General information
Effects Absorbs knowledge.
Trigger Concentration / Physical Connection
Alignment Neutral
Category Offensive / Defensive / Passive Power

Knowledge Absorption is the ability to scan and absorb any knowledge held within the minds of another beings, as well as the content of books at a rapid speed, simply by holding hands over the text, making it flip from page to page at high speed.

Often when this power is used, thoughts can be heard echoing through the user’s mind, making it only understandable to the user. When Whitelighters use this ability, their hands glow the same as when they use Healing Touch.

Alternative MethodsEdit

There are several magical beings who can gain instant knowledge of the specific amount of fact that is considered separately from the whole. For example the user who possess the rare ability of Telepathy, for example Christine Jenkins and Denitra as well other Telepaths.

The CollectorsEdit

The Collectors is demons who gain knowledge by using a needle-like finger that was used to pierce a victims temple, and extract specific amounts of knowledge, as well as able to restore the knowledge that they had stole in the same fashion. Which can leave the victims in a state of permanent dementia, or temporary lapse in the memory, without killing the victim.

The SeekersEdit

The Seekers is demons who gain knowledge by using vampiric form of fashion by biting into their victim's brain stems. It's a more offensive form then the one that is used by The Collectors. Which would kill their victim after absorbing someone's knowledge.

List of UsersEdit

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