Inspector Cortez
Inspector Cortez
General information
Full name Inspector Cortez
Born Unknown
Nicknames / Titles Cortez
Species Mortal
Distinction Non Magical
Family information
Family Unnamed Sister
Affiliation Information
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

Portrayed by
First appearance Charmed Again, Part 1
Last appearance A Glimpse at the New World, Part 2

Inspector Cortez is a detective at Los Angeles Police Department after he moved from San Francisco, after he was done with his assignement to the murder case of Prue Halliwell and Dr. Griffiths in 2001.


After investigation into the cases about the Halliwell family at the Manor and then to Paige Matthews and her boyfriend following their near death experience with Shax who killed Prue, Cortez was suspecting the sisters to be in some suspicious activity.

But when he and Darryl walked in on the Charmed Ones and Leo Wyatt speaking with the ghosts of their mother and grandmother and became convinced that they were involved with Dark Magic, which he always suspected was there due to his experiences as a cop and also the death of his own sister, which he revealed to Phoebe in their conversation during the funeral.

However, Darryl knocked him unconscious, and Phoebe used a spell to send him to Timbuktu, and then Cole Turner found him and shimmered him to the Purgatory.

When Leo orbed him out of Purgatory, Cortez tricked them, as he would call for an on-the-clock surveillance team on the Halliwells, only to back off under threat from Cole and then from Darryl. while still stubborn when he return to the Manor with a camcorder, only to be attacked by the Source of All Evil, as the Source disappeared, Leo healed the wound in the back of his neck, showing to him and to Paige that for better or worse the Halliwells were good, which he reluctantly turned his tape over to Morris instead of the police captain, then walked away,

Shortly after he was visited by Prue Halliwell and told that his sister who he thought was killed by some monsters, has been recently freed from them and the Ancestral Council helped her to have a normal life again feeling grateful for his sister and wanted to make a difference.


However after some time it was revealed that Inspector Cortez is now working for the Los Angeles Police Department, and was working on the case about the Museum of the Ancient Artifacts and the cover up about what happened to Mr. Drawson and the kidnapped victim Amanda Warrendoff.

The Vetalas and Paige's Unborn TwinsEdit

As the Vetalas were about to be unleasehed from the Underworld as it was be too much to cover up, Darryl and Inspector Cortez had to work together to make everyone remain calm and take cover where they can and not to panic, but unexpectedly Nathaniel Pratt had video recordings from Christy using her pyrokinetic powers and Piper being seen as a Vetala which was seen on KCSF Channel 8 and caused panic Prue suggested that they should issue a warning, to add more fear so people would hurry into the underground shelters so it would prevent a blood bath as Prue teleported to Avalorianna to meet her sisters Darryl and Inspector Cortez hurries to do their part.


  • Charmed - Season 4
    • Charmed Again, Part 1
    • Charmed Again, Part 2

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