General information
Effects Living infinitely long lifespan with immunity to aging and diseases.
Trigger Automatic
Alignment Neutral
Category Passive Power

Immortality is the ability to have long lifespan and an arrested aging process and to be immune from dying a natural death through all kinds of human and supernatural diseases and viruses.

Although the user is still capable to experiences pain and injuries, mortal wounds result in the user becoming unconscious until injuries are tended upon, but their body will never rot, age or grow old. The possessor will stay young forever. However, they can be killed by unnatural causes such as powerful magic, weapons or powers.

Universal differencesEdit

There are some immortal beings that could be considered to be true immortals. for example the Angels of Destiny and the Angels of Death are true immortals as they play a vital part in the Grand Design.

List of UsersEdit

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