Illusion Manipulation
Illusion Manipulation
General information
Effects Conjure perceptions of other things.
Trigger Wave hand / Snap fingers
Alignment Neutral
Category Supportive Power

Illusion Manipulation is the ability to create tangible realistic illusions or even substantial which can trick people into seeing unreal things most commonly possessed by Wizards.

Some more experienced users can create extraordinary illusions, for example displaying large walls and horrible visions of the victims being killed over and over again to lead them to insanity or project other people's fear into overdrive in reality to paralyzing them, as they are force to experience their greatest fear, this will eventually kill them,

Although this ability is very powerful as it can affect all the five senses of the victim so that they cannot be distinguished from reality, it's usually limited and will cause the Illusions to become useless. If a person overcomes his/her fear, when this power is used on Witches, the fear will paralyze their powers, making them unable to defend themselves, if witches overcomes their fears they will then be able to use their powers.

List of UsersEdit

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