General information
Effects To create and manipulate water in varoius different ways.
Trigger Direct Hand / Verbal (and / or) Mental Command / Physical Contact
Alignment Neutral
Category Active & Defensive & Offensive Power

Hydrokinesis is the powerful elemental ability to create and manipulate water itself. This power is one of the four main elemental powers, the others being Pyrokinesis, Aerokinesis and Geokinesis.

Users are able manipulate water to various effects, such as creating water balls and use them to encase people in columns of water to drown them, conjuring rainstorms, hurricanes and tidal waves.



Deviation is the ability or skill to use magical powers such as Hydrokinesis by hardened water to redirect other powers, such as Energy Balls or Fire Throwing, back at opponents. Deviation is a defensive skill and not an indepentent power. Deviaton only works against magical energies, and does not work on psychic or molecular powers.


Strangulation is the ability to use Hydrokinesis or a similar power to obstruct the airways of another being and strangle or suffocate them by using the victim's own body liquids as water based weapons or merely incapacitate them for a short period of time.


Crushing is the ability to use the victim's own body liquids as water based weapons by surrounding an organ(s) with the enough hydrokinetic force to crush the organ(s) in question.

Hydrokinetic ImmobilizationEdit

The users can use their ability to slow down the victim's own body liquids to the point where they stop moving completely, the beings under effect of this power appear to be "frozen" in time.

Hydrokinetic CombustionEdit

The users can use their ability to speed up activities of the victim's own body liquids as water based weapons to the point that they combust out of the body often resulting in a fiery explosion.


The user would be able to blast an extremely powerful wave of ferocious and primal hydrokinetic energy to wipe out almost anything in its path and at very least capable to causes immense pain and significantly deadly impact to very powerful beings, and also possess a collection of variety of capabilities for example to open portals or vortexes to other worlds, dimensions, or even planes, or to asphyxiate someone with hardened water or to instantly create a wave of water based weapons.

List of UsersEdit

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