Holographic Crystals
Holographic Crystals
General information
Usage To record varies stuff and to clone a consciousnesses.
Owner(s) Wizards (Creators)

Gideon (Formerly)

Billie Jenkins (Alternate Timeline)

Christine Jenkins (Alternate Timeline)

Alignment Neutral
Category Magical Artifact

Holographic Crystals are three point light based crystals, which were created by Wizards, to be used as communication artifacts for various solutions as to send messages or record events, and to clone consciousnesses to mimic the exact response and appearance of different persons.


These unique crystals has made their first appearance, When Billie and Christy touched a ancient magical book called The Book of Light, and a page appeared about "Holographic Crystals" to which then a three point light based crystal appeared from the page and projected an astral holographic image of their alternative selfs.

The crystals made their second appearance. When the Charmed Ones discovered what happened to the Evil Enchantress and who and why her consciousnesses was cloned.

After they were talking Aleera hinted on that Paige will maybe never see her children ever again. As she was mockling laughing at Paige. Piper made a hand gesture and exploded the crystal making sure Aleera's consciousnesses will be gone forever.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Active Powers
    • Astral Holograms - The combined ability to make several holographic images.
    • Cloning - The ability to clone certain things.
    • Hovering - The ability to rise a few feet in the air.
    • Knowledge Absorption - The ability which allows one to psychically absorb knowledge from other various sources.


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