Healing Touch
Healing Touch
General information
Effects To heal wounds and injuries on others.
Trigger Love
Alignment Good
Category Supportive Power

Healing Touch is the ability to heal injuries and wounds it also repair their charges' torn clothes. This ability has also been shown to heal objects as well, which a warm golden light shines from their hands of Whitelighters.


Healing does seemed to be extremely powerful ability but there are some exceptions like the inability to heal self-inflicted wounds such as drunkenness, demons, and being unable to heal the dead or animals, Whitelighters are only allowed to heal if they are supposed to presumably in some cases it would attract to much attention from the mortals.

If they should heal someone that they are forbidden by the Elders to help, their wings can be clipped as punishment, if the Elders should found out, but their wings can be clipped temporarily and be suspended.

Whitelighters are able to be self-healed from like being stabbed with a butcher knife, but this ability does not extend to magically-induced injuries, and apparently takes a conscious effort on when a Whitelighter can't heal them self from being knocked unconscious but must recover on their own.


Half-Whitelighters are in some case impaired because they are only half whitelighters due to the lack of the ability of immortality and the ability to self-heal from like being stabbed with a butcher knife, and there for wouldn't have the ability to heal for several years, Before they found the trigger, they had to channel their healing abilities through a full blooded Whitelighter.

Although their healing ability is slightly more advanced due to their wiccan inheritance, as their as double inheritance can counterbalance for example demonic inheritance from a Demom-Human Hybrid, but this is against the rules. The trigger for this power is love and for the evil counterpart the trigger is hate.

List of UsersEdit

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