Ghost Pregnancy
Ghost Pregnancy
General information
Usage Realistic illusion of a normal pregnancy.
Owner(s) The Collective Wizards
Alignment Good Magic
Requirements Unknown Ingredients

Ghost Pregnancy is a potion within the section of Hidden Knowledge within the Book of Light. The potion seemed to reek in smell and taste, when a woman takes the potion and over the next 8 minutes, the female user's belly will gradually start to have little bump which gets bigger which just creates a realistic illusion. While she appears to be pregnant to many and all, a bulb of energy will build up starts to expand her belly, and the female user will experience the typical symptoms of a normal pregnancy, if letting its natural course for a long period of time can lead to really painful contractions. To undo the effects, the user has to drink the reversal potion.


Ghost Pregnancy was used by the Collective Wizards in an attempt to infiltrate the general headquarters for Nanta and the Dark Vessel and their minions. To save the abducted pregnant women, with the help from the Charmed Ones and the Jenkins Sisters. A reluctant Adrianna was a undercover pregnant infiltrator.


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