General information
Full name Firestarters
Born Varies
Classification Varies
Species Humans
Diversity Firestarters
Distinction They are extremely rare and use of Firestarter Magic
Family information
Family Varies
Affiliation Information
Status Extant
Alignment Good and Evil
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

First appearance Lost and Bound
Last appearance The Neutral Element

Firestarters are extraordinary rare and highly coveted magical life forms, who can be either mortals or witches. Firestarters possess the elemental ability called Pyrokinesis, allowing them to create, control and manipulate fire in great diversity with their minds. Although when their emotions are heightened, untrained Firestarters can cause things to burst into flames by accident.

The young Firestarters are learned to control the flames instead being controlled by the flames as it had no conscious. Once released, there is nothing the Firestarter can do to suppress the flames until it finishes its course.

Different BreedEdit

Some Firestarters are far more powerful due to being born with double heritance of two different magical species, which are able to possess magical traits and abilities and develop more unique and different forms, although they are not considered to be hybrids. The most notable of these Firestarters is Christine Jenkins, as she possesses the basic abilities of scrying, spell casting and potion making.

The Origin of FirestartersEdit

When the ancient titan Prometheus stole the heavenly fire and gifted it for the Humanity, the heavenly fire within some mortals begin to grow expeditiously and undergoing a development of evolution, started to adapt to their bodies to the fire, and taking a new powerful form, more powerful than ever before. Mystical pyrokinetic symbols of a trident surrounded by a chain weapon started to appear on the backside of the shoulder on the males and the females have the same lower down on the back.

Notable FirestartersEdit

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