General information
Description Magical Institution to provide relief efforts for multiple species, and help them to adjust to their powers and lead a normal life.
Protection The Essence
Alignment Good
Location Protected Dimension

F.O.R.C.E. (Freedom Organization for Rare Circle of Environment) is an multiple species institution of magic to provide outreach and support for Good Demonically Impaired Beings and for Good Beings with unstable extraordinary magical abilities it is mainly focused in a Atlantis structure and it's located on a protected dimension.


The magical institution residence on a huge Island-platform surrounded by the sea as a normal school the students attends many classes from basic teaching subjects to magical subjects, all the students are treated as equals. Although, it did kinda started slow many were skeptical about this magical institution, as not many in the Magical Community approves this form of school, so they probably kept that a secret. Making F.O.R.C.E some what ostracized.

But they were open minded and wanted to see how it looks, mostly due to some of the parent's children were Half-Darklighters and some Half-Demons aren't allowed to attend at Magic School. And some beings are very powerful with unstable magic which would to dangerous to be allowed to attend to Magic School, so the Elders wanted to power strip them but the Ancestral Council wanted those beings to be send to F.O.R.C.E instead.

Known Locations with the institutionEdit

  • Living Quarters
  • Entertainment Division
  • Class rooms
  • Long Hallway
  • Athletic Division
  • Medical Division
  • General Infirmary
  • Intensive Care
  • Waiting Rooms


Many good demonically impaired beings are afraid to be attacked or vanquished because of what they are, but at the institution they are free to be good without fear or judgment.

Dimensional ProtectionEdit

The Essence is a magical force resemblance to a invisible bright gold form of the Hollow or the Nothing which keeps the magical institution and the dimension protected from intruders and the Forces of Evil.

The Main MissionEdit

The Ancestral Council wants to save many good lives even if they are born demonic to provide emotional support and help them to adjust to their powers and lead a normal life.

Getting them all there and giving them guides how to deal with being Demonically Impaired or gifted with unstable abilities and help them taking control over them. And they have a their own counterparts to The Whitelighters called Celestial Paladins.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

It's been revealed in the episode The Past and the Present and the Future by the Elder Sandra that the Elders doesn't have any jurisdiction at F.O.R.C.E.

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