Energy Balls
Energy Balls
General information
Effects To created a ball of engery
Trigger Anger / Focus
Alignment Neutral
Category Offensive Power

Energy Balls is the offensive ability to throw balls of electrically charged energy, mainly used by Demons, although, in some rare occurrences by Witches, Whitelighters and Warlocks. The user can create spheres of energy, which resemble electrical discharges, in their hand, and throw them at targets with diversity of the powerful voltage levels, which can also have other rare colors as well. They are also able to make the charged spheres of energy to disappear while still in their hand.


There are some witches are shown to possess this power, Montana and Callaway families, Bianca and other Phoenix witches. Some Darklighters and evil witches with Darklighter ancestry are also seem to have this power. Whitelighters are seen being about to utilize their Photokinesis to create low-voltage Energy Balls that are harmless and use them to train with their charges.


It's been discovered beside being susceptible to being orbed. That using ordinary and non magical hard durable objects as mirrors or crowbar to be able to deflect Energy Balls, which was seen when Cole tries to commit suicide, when he threw an energy ball at a mirror, which rebounds and hits him, instead of vanquishing him, it just set him on fire. But cars and other technology can catch on fire and explode when hit by an energy ball.

Power and UtilizationEdit

Depending on how powerful the user is, some users are capable to while low-level demons has to use multiple energy balls to vanquish a target, while an upper-level demons only needs a single energy ball to vanquish multiple demons, or kill / incapacitate / knocked out / stun multiple targets, or almost always be vanquished by their own energy balls because they are as powerful as they are. Some user are able to split a energy ball in two seperate balls, heading toward their targets.

Immunity and High ResistanceEdit

Powerful magical beings as a collective or a single users can be immune to most or any kind of powers even the their own, spells, and potions, while others can eventually grew powerful enough that they could withstand being hit by a energy ball.

List of UsersEdit

  • Demons
  • Zankou
  • The Traid

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