General information
Effects Sense the emotions and feelings of other beings
Trigger Concentration
Alignment Good
Category Supportive Power

Empathy is the psychic ability to sense the emotions and feelings of other beings. Users of this power are known as Empaths and can feel exactly what others feel without establishing physical contact.

This power is granted only to good destined beings, as this power can quickly overwhelm someone that is not meant to hold it and drive them insane. Empaths have a unique understanding of every living being and the natural urge to help everyone, making them wonderful associates, partners, friends, and lovers.

Several beings possess a limited form of Empathy, such as Whitelighters and Dhampirs. Whitelighters possess a form of empathy limited to their charges, which allows them to feel when their charge is in pain.

Control and WeaknessesEdit

At the beginning the user can have difficulties to control this ability due to the massive waves of emotions from other beings, but more advanced and experienced Empaths can read or project emotions, moods, and temperaments of others.

Empaths can be taken over by another person's emotions and act on those emotions. Empaths are defenseless against beings that have no emotions such as a robot (Presumably controlled by an Technopath) Empaths may be easily possessed by Spirits and Life Essences as they are beings bound with emotions.

Depending on the form of Empathy the user possess, some beings are required to channel their ability by establishing and maintaining physical contact with them, while others focus through their minds.

List of UsersEdit

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