Empathic Paralysis
Empathic Paralysis
General information
Effects To force evil beings to feel human feelings and emotions.
Trigger Through the fangs
Alignment Good
Category Supportive Power

Empathic Paralysis is ability to force other beings to feel human feelings and emotions, which is extremely traumatic and painful physical experience specifically to the vampires, making the vampire victims partally reverse to the original personality they used to have, also being able to have breath without being turned into a Dhampir. making them become confused and disorientated due to the long history of evil acts.

Even some beings for example demons can slightly be affected by empathic substance produced by Dhampirs hybrid bloodline and unleashed through the fangs without turning the being into a Dhampir. While another beings are invulnerable to this form attack such as Dhampirs and Mortals.

List of UsersEdit

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