General information
Effects Deflects all supernatural powers through the use of a blue energy-based shield.
Trigger Fear / Panic
Alignment Good (Only Good Destined Users)
Category Active & Defensive & Offensive Power

Deflection is extremely rare ability due to being granted to one single destined Witch with in every thousand years, in spite of the fact that if the witch should be killed by various reasons, the ability would then instead transfer to a new single destined witch within the same century,

it's capabilities are to be able to deflect all kind of supernatural powers by creating an energy light based-shield, if the witch should embrace and have dedication to the witchcraft. However, it can be developed in a more unique and different form due to double inheritance of two different magical species.

The ability would be fully developed into an exceptionally powerful full fledged shielding with adjustable wide area. although it must be consciously activated in order for the power to work which makes the witch vulnerable when unaware of an impending attack.

List of UsersEdit

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