General information
Full name Darklighters
Born Variies
Classification Upper-Level
Species Demons
Diversity Darklighters
Distinction Killing Whitelighters and Future Whitelighters
Family information
Family Varies
Affiliation Information
Status Extant
Alignment Good / Evil
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

First appearance Love Hurts
Last appearance The Discovery and The Sisterhood (Mentioned)

Darklighters are the malefic equivalent of Whitelighters, who are equipped with crossbows, which they can summon into their hands at any time, in addition some of them possess a deadly ability called the Touch of Death which is triggered by hate. They have their own distinguished style of teleportation which is an combination of dark and light orbs.

The primary instinct of all Darklighters is to kill Whitelighters through the use of poisonous arrows in order to make good witches susceptible to evil attack as well as to kill mortals destined to become Whitelighters. Although, some Good Wizard-Witches are also sometimes targeted due presumably by sharing similar teleportation characteristics or because their Wiccan Ancestry. Darklighters often act as hired guns or mercenaries to Upper-Level Demons and Powers.

Types of DarklightersEdit

Procreation DarklightersEdit

There are different breeds of Darklighters, one breed is assiged to distribute evil through procreation, by seducing innocent mortal women and tricking them into bearing their progeny, without any knowledge who they truly are, so it is presumed that the women are abandoned once a child is produced.

Spirit KillersEdit

Another Darklighter breed, known as Spirit Killers, who drive paragons of good to suicide, particularly targeting future Whitelighters as they can curse the victim with bad luck, following the victim around, invisible to everyone, including the victim. As the bad luck escalates and drives all thoughts of happiness from the victim's mind, the Spirit Killer is there every step of the way, whispering hopeless thoughts into the victim's ears, until the Spirit Killer reaches the victim's breaking point to commit suicide to disqualifing the victim from becoming a Whitelighter.


The third Darklighter breed are known as Trackers, who are commonly rogue freelance Darklighters which are distinguished with tribal tattoos on their face, who particularly targeted Whitelighters who are about to lose their wings. They have their own distinguished style of teleportation which is an combination of a spiral than the particle variant, and they are considered to be much more powerful than a regular Darklighter.

Subspecies DivisionEdit

There are various hybrids with Darklighter inheritance most notably Darklighter-Witches is the equivalent to Whitelighters-Witches, they will usually inherit the abilities to able to use darklighter magic and witchcraft and they can sometimes manifest unique hybrid versions of magical abilities.

Good DarklightersEdit

Good Darklighters are a specific breed of Half-Darklighters who presumably has abandon their dark heritage and turn to the side of good, very much is unknown about this breed of Darklighters, which has been revealed to be seen at F.O.R.C.E. by Billie in the episode The Discovery and the Sisterhood.


Darklighters are not despite anything to the contrary invulnerable at all, as they can be vanquished in various different ways. Mostly notably potions, athames, Energy Balls and powers as Molecular Combustion. As well appear to be susceptible to their own arrows. However, some Darklighters are shown to be able to survive one of their own arrows.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Active Powers
    • Dark Orbing - The ability to teleport through the use of dark orbs.
    • Apportation - The ability to transport an object or person through planes from place to place. Darklighters most prominantly use this power whenever they summon their crossbows and arrows, whose poison is lethal to all whitelighters and Elders.
    • Touch of Death - The ability to incinerate and kill beings with a touch.
    • Telepathy - The ability to read and manipulate the thoughts of another being(s).
    • Technopathy - The ability to control technology.
  • Additional Powers
    • Sensing - The ability to locate and find their victims.
    • High Resistance - The ability to be highly resistant to other beings' powers and magic and survive otherwise lethal attacks.
    • Immortality - The ability to possess an inifinite lifespan and an arrested aging process.
    • Voice Manipulation - The ability to alter one's voice to sound like another or add an echo to one's voice when angered.

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