Darklighter Arrows
Darklighter Arrows
General information
Usage Poisoned arrows meant to kill Whitelighters and The Elders.
Owner(s) Darklighters
Alignment Evil
Category Weapon

Darklighter Arrows are arrows manufactured by Darklighters which are fusioned with an unknown poison meant specfically to kill magical beings with Whitelighter inheritage and The Elders, to make their charges more susceptible to attacks. The Elders are protected in the Heaven from death caused by darklighter arrows.

The Effects and UsageEdit

These poisonous arrows are uneffective on the targets without Whitelighter inheirtage, although, the physical impact of the arrow still has considerable maxium effect. There are able capable to get Darklighters themselves be vanquished by their own arrows, though some more stronger darklighters are able to withstand such an attack.

The effects of the arrows are doesn't immediately kill the affected whitelighter, however. it cause the victim to die slowly and painfully, as well as slowly cancelling out anything magical the whitelighter has done, as Cloaking a charge from a darklighter's senses, only way to be cured it to be healed from the effects of the poison is either some another whitelighter som someone with simlair healing abilities. It was menation that the poisonous arrows were lethal to Witches as well. This fact is shown to be false in a later on.

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