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Dark Wraiths
General information
Full name Dark Wraiths
Born Unknown
Classification Upper-Level
Species Demons
Diversity Dark Wraiths
Distinction Genetically engineered vampiric race
Family information
Family Other Dark Wraiths
Affiliation Information
Status Extinct
Alignment Evil
Franchise(s) Ancestry Quest Series
First appearance The New Beginning
Last appearance The Neutral Element

Dark Wraiths are a genetically engineered vampiric race created by the Dark Elders, believed to be extinct by their own creators. The Dark Wraith were engineered through the use of the genetic material of several demonic species.



The Dark Elders wanted to create a better and more powerful variant of the procreation Darklighters. After genetic engineering a DNA makeup, and the use of many female darklighters as surrogate mothers. Dark Wraiths have mostly unknown powers due to they reproduce by biting or through sexual intercourse with huge numerosity of demonic species.

Every time a Dark Wraith experience conceiving or gives birth, it will cause their Immunity to become more highly developed against demonic threats. They are considered to be highly threatening to both Good and Evil, as they act like a plague against all life, as their children grows to adulthood in days which would grow in 100 with weeks and 1000 within a month.

The Dark Wraiths later on went rogue as they managed wiped out 8 of their former masters, which resulted The Dark Elders to retaliate and almost brought their own creation to it's knees. The Dark Wraiths possess a unique ability to generate powerful pheromones and emitting from their bodies in the form of a purple mist, once the pheromones were inhaled by their victims, they would become instantly infatuated with them and vulnerable to their command as well lessen the strength of their respective immunity.

This is a defensive adaptation and a predatory tool that was used to aid them in the hunt of their prey, and furthermore helps the The Dark Wraiths hid themselves from their enemies. However the beings of the light are proved to be immune to the seductive ability due to their native ability of love, as they are considered to be feared by Dark Wraiths.


Before the species became extinct a sentient cloud of shadow appeared through smoking moving itself quite slow through diffusion, promising the last Dark Wraith glory, and freedom from persecution and hiding the last Dark Wraith in a unknown location until the time is right. After the last Dark Wraith was awaken from centuries long sleep, she started on having offsprings to restore her own kind to glory, and freedom from persecution and in service to The Dark Vessel.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Notes and ReferencesEdit

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