Dark Vessel
Dark Vessel
General information
Full name Dark Vessel

Aeromos (Formerly)

Born Avalon
Nicknames / Titles Prince of Avalon (Formerly)

The Woogyman

Classification Upper Level
Species Demon

Wizard (Formerly)

Distinction Sentient cloud of shadow or smoke
Family information
Family King Calder (Father)

Unnamed Queen (Mother)

Affiliation Information
Status Vanquished
Alignment Evil
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

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First appearance Is There a Woogy in the House?
Last appearance The Otherworldly Billie (Through Holographic Crystal)

Our Dark Master! and our Dark Lord! we are powerful and protected by your generosity, we swear our loyalty in and beyond. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours by cleansing us in your glory and victory.

The Dark Vessel, also most commonly known as "the Woogyman," is a powerful demon that manifested himself as a sentient cloud of shadow or smoke. His main desire is to spread evil and bring out inner evil from the victim' darker sides by possessing or manipulating them. He resided in the Nexus underneath the Halliwell manor, where he was imprisoned. He was nicknamed "the Woogyman" by Phoebe Halliwell.


Early HistoryEdit

Dark Vessel was once upon in ancient times a evil wizard known as Aeromos, Who was about to start a revolution of rebel wizards to overthrown the Source. During the battle Aeromos revealed that he was possessing the Nexus through his sword, as the swords connected and holding against each other, causing his sword to explode and unleashing the Nexus. Almost instantly attacking and disappears with him, the Dark Palace was later destroyed by the Source Of All Evil for Aeromos's failed attempt on the Source's throne.

Alternative TimelineEdit

Aeromos expressed deep feelings of infatuation for a female wizard named Theodora and wished her to be his queen and join him in his revolution of rebel wizards, while she would rather kill many innocents, then being with him.

The FutureEdit

When Phoebe was 5 years old, she saw a monster in the basement of the Halliwell manor and told her grandmother, Penny. Later on, she witnessed her grandmother imprisoning the Dark Vessel in the Nexus. Since then, Phoebe had been afraid of the basement. Grams had to tell her a story about how she got rid of the Woogyman to allow Phoebe to sleep better. The story contained a rhyme, which was actually a vanquishing spell for the Dark Vessel.

Unleased from His PrisonEdit

After an earthquake in 1999, unknowingly to the Charmed Ones, the Dark Vessel was unleashed from his prison. The demon later on possessed Phoebe, granting her new powers, such as conjuring. While Phoebe was under the dark influence of the Dark Vessel, she attacked her sisters and locked them out of the manor. However, after a while, they managed to get back in. The Dark Vessel tried to finish Prue and Piper off by suffocating, but due to Phoebe's inner goodness and a premonition she recieved, she came to her senses and used the spell to banish the Dark Vessel once again.

When the demon Abraxas stole the Book of Shadows and undid some of the Charmed Ones' spells by reading the book backwards, the Dark Vessel returned. He wanted to finish what he started, and attacked Piper and Phoebe, but they were able to banish him again with the spell.

The UnionEdit

The Nexus, also most commonly known as the Shadow, merged with the Dark Vessel, making the two become a single being. When the demon Zankou took in the Nexus and the Dark Vessel, the Charmed Ones were forced to banish them, which led to vanquishing Zankou and faking their own deaths in the process.


It's been revealed that an unknown powerful collective of demons used a resurrection ritual to gain the powers of the Dark Vessel for their own evil purposes. However, they ended up being vanquished. Due to many people possessing the Nexus, the Dark Vessel became even more powerful with many mimicked powers and several important informations from past users of the Nexus.

Final VanquishedEdit

Even being merged with the Hollow, he was still fearing the outcome if the Prophecy should be fulfilled, while attempting to kill Billie caused him to seal his fate by facing The Goddess of Neutrality and becoming some moments later on vanquished.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Active Powers
    • Possession – The ability to control living beings by entering their body.
    • Power Granting – The ability to grant powers to another being.
    • Pyrokinesis – The elemental ability that allows a being to emit or control fire.
    • Smoking – The ability to teleport through smoke.
    • Telekinesis – The ability to move things with the power of one's mind alone.
    • Umbrakinesis – The ability to create and manipulate shadows.
  • Additional Powers
    • Clairvoyance - The psychic ability or power to see objects, and visions, or to gain information regardless of its distance.
    • Conjuration – The ability to create or magnify material objects already in existence or to summon an object from another place or another time.
    • Electrified Shielding – The ability to create a dome-shaped shield of electricity, that serves as the main and only defense for oneself or anyone the user wills (if powerful enough) for protection.
    • Energy Projection – The ability to focus powerful forms of energy.
    • Hologram Creation – The ability to create holographic images.
    • Immortality – The ability to live forever and not age. It also allows the user to be immune to all human and supernatural diseases and viruses.
    • Immunity – The ability to be immune to most or all kinds of powers.
    • Intangibility – The ability render one's body intangible, allowing them to pass through solid objects.
    • Sleep Inducement – The ability to force a being to sleep.
    • Thermal Balls – The ability to conjure a ball made of pure thermal and psychic energy.
  • Former Wizard abilities & Possessions
    • Fire Balls – The ability to produce balls of fire in the palm of your hand.
    • Omnilingualism - The ability to understand and speak any language without extensive formal training.
    • Spiralization - An energy based teleportation power. When teleporting, the wizard disappears in swirling blue spirals.
    • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects as well as individuals with the mind. It can be channeled through the eyes or hands.
    • Sword – The sword was once embodied with the Nexus. It was destroyed as it couldn't handle the pressure of the Ethereal Sword, causing it to explode and unleashing the Nexus.


  • Charmed - Season 1
    • Is There a Woogy in the House?
  • Charmed - Season 2
    • Witch Trial
  • Charmed - Season 5
    • The Importance of Being Phoebe
  • Ancestry Quest - Season 1
    • All Episodes

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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