Crystal Artifact
Crystal Artifact
General information
Usage Create a duplicate of various things.
Owner(s) Prudence Halliwell (Through Premonition)

The Crone (Through Premonition)

Alignment Neutral
Category Magical Artifact

Crystal Artifact was an crystal object with a spherical shape on a gold chain, it was secretly given to the Crone by Prudence Halliwell. The whereabouts of the artifact is currently still unknown.


The artifact was shown in a premonition where the Crone appeared somewhere in midnight and used it to scan and clone the light of Paige's twins to create a access area through the liquid shield.

Although, shortly the artifact exploded and trapped the Crone between the openings. As the both ways were almost closed, Before the Crone was vanquished. Prue appeared and confessed many things about how the Crone was manipulated through her own visions. As the premonition never came to pass. It's unknown to what happened to it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Active Powers
    • Cloning - The ability to clone certain things.


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