Christine Jenkins
General information
Full name Christine Jenkins
Born 1984
Nicknames / Titles Christy

Little Miss. Flame

Mrs. Albert Einstein

Christy: The Jungle Girl

Goddess of Neutrality (Formerly)

Classification Upper Level
Species Witch / Firestarter
Distinction Use of Wichcraft and Firestarter magic
Family information
Family Helen Jenkins (Mother)

Carl Jenkins (Father)

Billie Jenkins (Sister) Demetria Darrow (Grandmother)

Unnamed Husband (Alternative Timeline Life)

Unnamed Daughter (Alternative Timeline Life)

Affiliation Information
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

Portrayed by Marnette Patterson
First appearance Kill Billie Vol. 1 (Flashback)
Last appearance The Dwelling in the Ambiguous

Christine (Christy) Jenkins is the oldest daughter to Carl and Helen Jenkins, and the older sister to Billie Jenkins, and one of the main characters in Charmed as well as one of the main characters in Ancestry Quest.


Early LifeEdit

Christy is a young witch, due to her grandmother being a witch, and a Firestarter as well, however, her parents are mortals, so in Christy's case the magical inheirance was dormant for some time and appeared later in life.

Christy used to live in her hometown called Burlington in Vermont in New England where she had a relatively healthy relationship with Billie, but when she was seven years old, Christy was kidnapped by a demon named Reinhardt during one stormy night. Afterwards, the Triad used Christy's soul to create their own life essence counterpart, for the initial purpose of being replaced by the life essence counterpart.

New TimelineEdit

Although, when the Warrior changed the past and the Goddess of Neutrality recreated the Grand Design which caused Denitra to be erased from the existence and because of that Christy's soul was instead split in two parts.

So Christy had to be hidden because many bounty hunters waited to get both parts to join back together, spirit-like demon called Charon preyed on to take Christy's soul to Purgatory, but since nobody wanted to negotiate with her with a half soul, being desperate to bargain with the Ancestral Council and in terms she would release some of her souls as well.

Rescue and Coming to F.O.R.C.E.Edit

While Christy was scared, dirty and dressed in rags in a demonic dungeon, a young woman teleported through aerokinetic webs. Christy cringed and stepped back, but eventually started to trust the unknown woman. Just before they were about to disappear, the woman heard a conversation of the Triad members, who ordered a guard to kill Christy, as she was no longer useful to them. Afterwards, the woman took Christy to the F.O.R.C.E.

Christy's parents bought her a special snow globe on her first day at F.O.R.C.E. It is a mini replica of a place that has a resemblance to Atlantis. It was revealed that the snow globe has a great sentimental value to Christy. During the first year, Christy was a relatively powerless witch and was only able to cast weak spells, because she hadn't come into her powers just yet. However, on her next birthday, after a lot of practice, she became a mistress in spell casting.

At the age of ten, Christy gained a telepathic ability. She started hearing massive waves of voices. Since she was having troubles controlling the power, and it was causing her headaches, she had to use a stylish bracelet. The bracelet neutralized her telepathic abilities and gave her some peace of mind. Eventually, Christy learned to adjust to the power and advanced it.

At the age of twelve, she was revealed to be a Firestarter due to a pyrokinetic symbol of a trident surrounded by a chain weapon lower down on her back. Christy possessed a weak version of a pyrokinetic ability, however, over time and after a lot of practice, she became quite powerful. During her teenage years, her pyrokinetic abilities developed into Thermal Flaming. Because of that, Christy was afraid of becoming evil, due to the similarity in appearance of the demonic ability to teleport through flames. When she turned sixteen, she started to have constant daydreaming related nightmares. It was revealed that her telepathic abilities had developed into a precognitive aspect.

Christy is very smart when it comes to magic. Aside from the knowledge about witchcraft, her intelligence extends to a great diversity of magical beings.

Reuniting with BillieEdit

When Christy ultimately got reunited with Billie after the ultimate battle, Billie seemed surprised to notice how much different and humanized her actual sister really was. Christy was more friendly and had a tender nature when compared to Denitra, seeing she was not raised by demons. Christy was seen to genuinely care for Billie's wellbeing, as she was trying to help Billie to adapt to the new or different conditions in magic and at F.O.R.C.E.

Alternate TimelineEdit

It was later revealed by the Ancestral Council through a precognitive flashback from an alternative timeline, that Christy and Billie were sent back into the ancient times. An astral holographic image of their alternative selves showed that they were married, conceived their own children, and started their own families. Denitra almost destroyed an ancient artifact called the Cradle of Time, causing a time and reality shift, which prevented the Jenkins sisters from returning to their own timeline without causing any consequences. They warned real Billie and Christy not to underestimate Denitra, and to beware of a dangerous rebel wizard named Aeromos. Another precognitive flashback showed Christy being presumably dead, since she disappeared 26 years before.

Dealing with DenitraEdit

Christy was wrapped into a mummy like bundle, as she washed on a beach of a Unknown dangerous island, releasing herself from the cocoon. While she was confused on where she was, Denitra appears and reveals that she is keeping Christy alive, so she can make both sisters suffer on her terms as well as replacing her, originally Denitra wanted to force Billie to helplessly watch while Christy becomes engulfed in intense flames, how Denitra was. Christy only expressed contempt and ridicule. Which caused Denitra to conjure large fireball in her palm, and throw it in the sky as it explodes, alerting the creatures which inhabits the island of Christy's presence.

Unknown Island and The ImprisonmentEdit

After Christy was trapped on an Unknown Island by Denitra, she spend almost 2 weeks creating a shelter and later on gathering food, she became captured by the Tribe Members, and later Christy was placed in a water tank in nearly a month after she was to no more use for a newly human convered tribe member. After breaking out from the water tank she was sold to the highest bidder. She managed to escape and due to being strong and resourceful and having jungle survival skills. She had a fighting chance for survival, afterwards Billie appeared and helped her sister to escape from the Island.

Possible FutureEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Basic Powers
    • Spell Casting - The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
    • Potion Making - The ability to brew potions.
    • Scrying - The ability to scry for a person or object by the use of a scrying crystal and a map.
  • Active Powers
    • Thermal Flaming - The ability to teleport through flames of fiery thermal heat energy.
    • Remote Thermal Flaming - The ability to send another person to a specific location instead of having to teleport with them.
    • Pyrokinesis - The elemental ability that allows a being to emit or control fire.
    • Telepathy - The ability to read and manipulate the thoughts of another being(s).
      • Sensing - The ability to locate and find people and/or objects.
      • Telepathic Erasure - The aspect of Telepathy that allows the user to manipulate the memories of others, by erasing or altering them.
      • Telepathic Compulsion - The weaker aspect of Telepathy that allows the user to send incredibly strong thought, without using words for commands, into minds of other beings to influence their thoughts and actions, without actually controlling them, however the victims can resist the influence.
      • Thermal Balls - The ability to create purple balls comprised of highly concentrated thermal and psychic energy.
      • Voice Echo - The ability to project one's voice elsewhere without being present.
    • Telepathic Precognition - The ability to predict the past, the present and the future.
  • Additional Powers
    • Agility - The ability to lighten one's body and hence cause oneself to become more agile.
    • High Resistance - The ability to resist and survive attacks from various weapons and powers.
  • Magical Possessions
    • The Darrow Line Book of Shadows - A book which is embodied with magical abilities and additional information.


  • Charmed - Season 8
    • Kill Billie Vol. 1 (Flashback)
  • Ancestry Quest - Season 1
    • All Episodes

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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