General information
Effects To manipulate and grow plantlife.
Trigger Hand Gestures / Physical Contact / Verbal (and / or) Mental Command
Alignment Neutral
Category Active & Elemental Power

Chlorokinesis also known as Agrokinesis, is the ability to manipulate and manifest plant life with one's mind. The user is capable to manipulate wood, plants, fruits, and flowers, even moss found in natural field or habitat to be able to teleport from place to place.

This ability could be used offensively and defensively to cause plants to quickly manifest from the soil and wrap around objects or beings those preveting them from escaping, revive recently withering plants or dead plants. and creating shields and even bridges and houses out of woods or plants by making vines grow, or to be cloaked by covering the user or blending in with leaves or petals.

This ability can be used as potential weapons considered collectively, to firing thorns at a distance. Or plant chemicals to heal people or objects or natural toxins and pheromones on the beings to be susceptible to being subjugated.

List of UsersEdit

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