General information
Effects Instant teleportation to the desired destination at a blink of an eye.
Trigger Think of the place you want to blink to
Alignment Evil
Category Teleportation Power

Blinking is the standard teleportation ability wihich is unique to Warlocks, the user appears and disappears in without any delay, in better term as in "Blink of an eye", usually accompanied by a short, sharp sound or accompanied by a quick whoosh.

Stated by Melinda Warren, that was originally a witch's form of teleportation, However when the warlock Matthew Tate copied his power of blinking from another witch, but after it was stolen by Warlocks, it started manifesting within them instead centuries ago.

List of UsersEdit

  • Warlocks
  • The Charmed Ones (Warlocks throught a spell.)

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