Billie Jenkins
General information
Full name Billie Jenkins
Born 1986
Nicknames / Titles Miss. Phoenix

Harry Potter Girl

Warrior Witch

The Warrior (Formerly)

Classification Upper Level
Species Witch
Distinction Use of Wichcraft
Family information
Family Helen Jenkins (Mother)

Carl Jenkins (Father)

Christine Jenkins (Sister) Demetria Darrow (Grandmother)

Rathmere Wolfmore (Future Husband)

Andrea Wolfmore (Future Daughter)

Unnamed Husband (Alternative Timeline Life)

Unnamed Daughter (Alternative Timeline Life)

Affiliation Information
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Franchise(s) Charmed

Ancestry Quest Series

Portrayed by Kaley Cuoco
First appearance Still Charmed and Kicking
Last appearance The Dwelling in the Ambiguous

Billie Jenkins is the second daughter to Carl and Helen Jenkins, and the little sister to Christy Jenkins, and one of the main characters in Charmed as well as one of the main characters in Ancestry Quest.


Early LifeEdit

Billie is a young witch, due to her grandmother being a witch, however, her parents are mortals, so in Billie's case, the magical inheirance was dormant for some time and appeared in her late teens.

Until Billie was five, she had a relatively healthy relationship with Christy, but when her sister was seven years old, Christy was kidnapped by a demon named Reinhardt during one stormy night.

While her parents kept looking for Christy, they did their best not to involve Billie and give her a normal childhood. This eventually caused Billie to surpress the memories of the kidnapping and eventually leaving her hometown called Burlington in Vermont in New England to move to San Francisco and start over a new life.

After finding out she possessed a common ability of Telekinesis, Billie realized she was a real-life Witch without hesitation. With a pleasurable sensation over her magical inheirance, she did a research and became immediately intelligent about her lineage and about her own kind and the Wiccan ways.


Billie as the Super-heroine.

Billie started her own "Super-heroine" image by wearing a black wig, black sleeveless vest and black boots, and keeping an athame which was stored in her boot. She became extremely impressive in strength and excellence, being the protector of the innocents at night, while still going to college during the day.

Meeting Her Real FamilyEdit

Some time had passed since Billie moved to Los Angeles after the ultimate battle. Billie was still distraught with grief about what had happened. While being at her dorm room at Los Angeles Community College, Billie was sleeping and having a nightmare of the event repeating itself. Next morning, when she was walking through the College Hall to get to her class, she was stunned to see a young woman in early twenties who had a strikingly unusual resemblance to Christy. Billie followed her, and revealed the woman was just another random female college student.

One day, Billie happened to sense a witch in danger, and through her projection power, Billie was able to teleport in a fading manner. She met a witch named Madison, however, it turned out to be a trap, and several Darklighters were instantly surrounding them. They fired several arrows at the two witches, and Billie was frozen in fear, however, in the last few seconds, a shield of bright smoke appeared, deflecting all the arrows. Billie was surprised as she noticed that she was still alive. A young woman appeared through a combination of bright light and orbs, revealing her name to be Adrianna. Due to the teleport manner, Billie assumed that Adrianna was Madison's Whitelighter, however, she soon found out that Adrianna was, in fact, a Wizard, as well as a Witch. While the Darklighters were fighting with Adrianna, Billie and Madison were hiding behind a dumpster, watching the battle. Once it was over, Billie was stunned at meeting her first Wizard. She made a comment to Harry Potter, which caused Adrianna to roll her eyes with annoyance, before establishing a physical contact and orbing away with them. They appeared in a neutral alternative to the Magic School, which was under the control of a mysterious council.

As soon Billie noticed her family being alive and well, it caused her to become overwhelmed, and she momentarily lost her consciousness. After a while, Bille regained her consciousness. She noticed that she was lying on a bed in a bedroom full of various pieces of furniture. She heard Christy and her parents talking in the kitchenette. Christy sensed with her telepathy that Billie was awake, and tried to talk with her. Billie thought that she was dead or stuck in an illusionary alternate reality created by a powerful demon, however, after Christy's "questionable means", Billie was finally ready to listen to them. It was revealed that Billie's parents weren't really murdered as they were only created artificial beings, and even though Christy was actually kidnapped by Reinhardt, she was later on saved by a Celestial Paladin, which is an equivalent to a Whitelighter. Billie was very unhappy upon seeing her real family was living in a heavenly sanctuary, while her second adoptive family was a combination of two artificial parents and a life essence big sister.

The Ancestral CouncilEdit

Christy told Billie about a mysterious council, who are called the Ancestral Council. She said they were somewhat equivalent to the Elders, although essentially different and rougher on the edge. They intervened and saved Billie's parents and sister, being allowed to do so as long as it wasn't destined to happen, otherwise they weren't allowed to intervene to preventing possible time ripples. However, Denitra was, in fact, meant to be born, so Billie could be in that battle. Christy was needed to stay in secret, so the Triad wouldn't become suspicious. Although Christy intervened numerous times and did all she could to help the innocents and Billie as well.

Gaining New Powers and Losing ProjectionEdit

When Billie was called by the Ancestral Council to discuss her Projection power, she expressed her thoughts, fears and issues when it came to controlling the power. She was given a choice – she could either relinquish her most powerful ability, or keep it. A week later, Billie was surrounded by a tornado of light and was dressed in a warrior resemblance clothing with several weapons and new powers. Additionally, she was given a chance to acquire a mystical samurai sword created by the Council itself, although she needed to prove herself worthy for the possession of the mystical samurai sword. Billie succeeded in the trials, gained control over the sword, and lost her Projection power.

Guilt and the Book of ShadowsEdit

Billie was wondering about two prophecies: one about Billie and Christy being the Ultimate Power, and the other one about the Twice-Blessed Child. The prophecies were later revealed to be fictional. The Triad manipulated Billie and made her a sleeper agent, overclouding her perception with things that never actually happened. If the fictional prophecies had been discredited by anyone, Billie would have massacred the person in cold-blood, then she would have forgotten everything, and would have started over again.

Ever since the ultimate battle, Billie was having a great deal of guilt. She wasn't able to let go of the past, of what she had done, and how she had been so easily manipulated. On top of everything else, her grandmother's Book of Shadows was preventing her from touching it. Some of the Council members wanted to temporarily rid Billie of her powers for hers and her family's safety. Once Billie was cured, Christy managed to change their minds, and Billie was allowed to remain as a witch. After a while, Billie discovered that the magical books are blessed differently, and beside the protection from evil, they are also based on preventing any personal gain thoughts, even from the forces of good, since the knowledge wasn't supposed to be used for that kind of intentions.

Alternate TimelineEdit

It was later revealed by the Ancestral Council through a precognitive flashback from an alternative timeline, that Christy and Billie were sent back into the ancient times. An astral holographic image of their alternative selves showed that they were married, conceived their own children, and started their own families. They said that Denitra stabbed Billie in the stomach and stole the samurai sword. Before she was vanquished by the sword itself, she managed to stab through an ancient artifact called the Cradle of Time, which looked like a box that had a golden glow called the Cradle of Time. Billie survived, and pulled her sword out before the box was destroyed, however, it caused a time and reality shift, which prevented the Jenkins sisters from returning to their own timeline without causing any consequences. They warned real Billie and Christy not to underestimate Denitra, and to beware of a dangerous rebel wizard named Aeromos.

Another precognitive flashback showed Billie as a 48 years old woman, and Christy being presumably dead, since she disappeared 26 years before. The Woogyman ruled the world, unchallenged either from good or evil.


After a mission with her sister and two other sets of sisters, Billie went to bed, and at one point, she started to sleepwalk. She was engulfed in water and disappeared. She appeared in another place, touched a page in an ancient magical book, and emerged in a battlefield through a form of a dream. In her vision, she saw a goddess hovering high in the sky and glowing in bright holy light, and then a wave of destruction. Another vision revealed the Woogyman, who was about to kill Billie with a very powerful kinetic blast, however, Christy quickly pushed Billie aside, sacrificing herself for her sister, and being instantly killed instead. These events occured on unspecific moments in several random visions while Billie was sleeping.

Being in the PastEdit

After Billie jumped into the time portal after Christy. As she appeared flying landing harshly which causing her to crush and destroy anything in her path and having massive injures from the entry. Not a while ago young woman named Theodora found Billie having massive injures, Theodora took Billie to a ancient town called Avalorianna. Through Theodora's healing knowledge. Although. Billie's injures were fully healed, she was still much weak.

The ProphecyEdit

It was revealed the reason for Billie's visions, that a ancient prophecy which foretells about a warrior who came from a different time with the ethereal sword who is destined to find the Goddess of Neutrality, who would experience involuntary visions or things that will or wouldn't happened and great heartache. At the beginning of discovering her destiny, Billie considered herself to be unlikely the prophecy chick and had huge doubts about it, although, after getting support from the town of Avalorianna. She found her freedom from all doubts, and belief in herself and her abilities. When Billie managed to gain a artifact called the Key of Life, and proving that she is truly the Warrior.

New TimelineEdit

After Billie used the powerful artifacts and the Cradle of Time, Billie managed to convince the Spider Demon to restore Rathmere's life force. When Billie disappeared the Spider demon tried again, Rathmere was ready this time as she was immediately encapsulated in ice, and easily shatted against a stone. Which made it possible for Billie and Rathmere to become a couple again in a vastly better future.


It been shown through a Memory Crystal that Billie will get married to Rathmere and give birth a daughter named Andrea.

However, it wasn't confirmed. because it wasn't sure which future will coalesce. Until then, any future events could be happening. But Christy had two telepathic premonitions, one was about a year in the future when Billie is having a beautiful outdoor wedding in Avalorianna and a year ago after her marriage to Rathmere, she will as well as became four months pregnant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Basic Powers
    • Spell Casting - The ability to cast spells and perform rituals.
    • Potion Making - The ability to brew potions.
    • Scrying - The ability to scry for a person or object by the use of a scrying crystal and a map.
  • Active Powers
    • Cryokinesis - The ability to create and/or manipulate ice and extremely low temperatures, such as ice-like breath and casting objects and people in solid ice, freezing them.
    • Shielding - The ability to create a dome-shaped shield that serves as the main and only defense for oneself or anyone the user wills (if powerful enough) for protection.
    • Telekinesis - The ability to move things with the power of one's mind alone.
      • Clinging - The ability to cling to solid surfaces.
      • Crushing - The power to surround an object with a force that ultimately squashes it.
    • Deviation - The ability to manipulate your current magical power to deflect/send energies back in the direction it came from.
    • Telekinetic Conjuration – The ability to instantly create a wave of weapons from nothing to be launched by the arm(s) or hand(s) motion.
  • Additional Powers
    • Agility - The ability to lighten one's body and hence cause oneself to become more agile.
    • High Resistance - The ability to resist and survive attacks from various weapons and powers.
    • Mediumship - The ability to see and talk with ghosts.
  • Former Powers & Possessions
    • Primary Dagger - A psychic disruptor to destroying the Vampire species in entirety.
    • Projection - The ability to project the thoughts of the user it into reality.
  • Magical Possessions
    • Emperor Crossbow - Equipped with energetic arrows.
    • The Darrow Line Book of Shadows - A book which is embodied with magical abilities and additional information.
  • Former The Warrior abilities & Possessions
    • Audible Inundation - The ability to hear the whispers of the mystical essence.
    • Calling - The ability to call for her Samurai sword to project in the form of light, leaving a contour of the the sword for a moment.
    • Ethereal Sword - A samurai sword which is embodied with a mystical essence. The user who wields it would be capable of sensing its innate power. It doesn't suppress the mind of the user, but allows both entities full consciousness and control.
    • Key of Life - A Necklace with a medallion with a light blue crystal-like surface.
    • Telepathy - The ability to read the thoughts of the mystical essence.


  • Charmed - Season 8
    • All Episodes
  • Ancestry Quest - Season 1
    • All Episodes

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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