Astral Projection
Astral Projection
General information
Effects Projecting your consciousness into an astral form.
Trigger The desire to be in two places at once
Alignment Neutral
Category Supportive Power

Astral Projection is the ability to teleport oneself's consciousness into an astral form outside the body, while the physical appearance goes into a deep trance, and falls to the floor, slumps over or remains still until they return, as they are separated from the physical body. The users would be able to phase through physical objects, there are only two basic variance to exists in, either in corporeal form, when the user teleports oneself's consciousness into a solid, visible astral duplicate, they would be able to touch their surroundings.

However, they do not have access to their magical powers beside more experienced users. While the other variance the user would appear into an invisible and intangible body and it's united with the ability, which enables the user to whisper into the ears of the targets and make the them believe the whispers they hear are their own thoughts.

List of UsersEdit

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