Astral Precognition
Astral Precognition
General information
Effects Receive visions of the future while instantly astrally projecting into the specific future.
Trigger Touching an object related to a future event.
Alignment Good
Category Supportive & Passive Power

Astral Precognition is the highly advanced form of Precognition, to be able to travel into the future while foreseeing possible and multiple future scenarios and observe what may or may not happen. It's a combination of Precognition and Astral Projection and Time Travel.

The user would be able to stay within the future for extended periods of time, or talk with future version of themself to get more elaborated knowledge acquired through experience than displaying precognitive visions.

Telepathic Astral PrecognitionEdit

When The Ancestral Council displayed precognitive visions of possible and multiple future scenarios about Billie and Christy's Destinies,

it has been showed that Christine Jenkins was able to have a Telepathic Astral Premonition, when she was surrounded by psychic energy shield to protect her from insanity caused from massive waves of thoughts from alternate points in time.

Limitations Edit

The user will be able to experience the emotional physical pain as physical body is defenseless while in astral form in the future.

List of UsersEdit

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