Please make sure to read all of the rules carefully to avoid being blocked or warned. If you have any questions of suggestions please message me or leave a comment in the comments.




  • We ask that you be polite to others and avoid swearing harsh and offensive words or terms.
  • If you have any suggestions of some articles or would like to change something and are unsure, please just contact User:Dragonfly82.
  • Adding inappropriate pictures or information will be deleted. If you continue this behavior, you will be blocked.
  • Respect others users of this Wiki, being completely discriminating and judgemental will get you blocked.
  • Do not upload copyrighted pictures or info. You will be blocked immediately.
  • Please avoid from editing another users page, inless the photos or info is seriously inappropriate you may remove it than quickly inform the user to why you have done so and a Manager as well.
  • And lastly if you have any questions or suggestions please go to a Manager and/or creator of this Wiki.
  • Making various accounts that are used for making you to a higher rank or to gain badges will get you blocked.
  • Please avoid deleting any messages you or someone else has wrote to another user. Constantly doing so will end you up with a 1 week block.
  • Any Wiki contributors that edit quite alot on the Wiki will be given a banner suggesting to be an official user on the Wiki.
  • Another user can edit a user's Sandbox under that user's permission. Please refrain from editing a user's Sandbox inless given permission by that user.

Pages and Templates

  • We hope you will consider using correct spelling anf grammar in your edits as much as possible.
  • Please be considerate and make articles in a neat and clean fashion, please don't overload articles with pictures and unnecessary information.
  • If you see unwanted or rude information please remove it if possible.
  • Or if you think you can change or add something, please feel free, though if the information isn't quite right I will be happy to help you.
  • Inappropriate categories will be deleted and you will be warned. Please add correct and appropriate ones.
  • Do not spam or vandalize an article, we would all like this Wiki to be succesful.

Pictures and Good Sites

  • Please add appropriate images and avoid copyright.
  • Add crisp and clear pictures so that users can see them clearly.
  • Go to safe sites and please do not go out of your comfort zone in order to get a good picture. The Wiki doesn't want you to have to do so.
  • Please do not add duplicate images, this can confuse users.
  • Name images that another user can easily search for.
  • The following are safe Charmed Image sites that contain clear and nice pictures to use:
  • Pretty as a Picture.


  • Please make sure to put the characters and other pages into the appropriate categories.
  • When creating a category, please check if there isn't a similar category available.

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