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Ancestry Quest - Episode 1x7 - The Warrior of the Prophecy

[Int: Unknown Protected Location]

There are some an unconventional surroundings, as there are many different form of mirrors to many different time periods. The sky above them is a swirl of combination of Light and Dark and Grey. There is a very large light grey conference table acting which representing it's neutrality, on both sides there are great diversity of many magical beings from both sides, several Council Members has assumed random corporal form of to be able to talk and to be present.

Grimlock: Good Beings. The mere sight of you makes me sick.

Olive Skinned Fury: I agree.

Caramel Darklighter: Me three. (Looking at the Council Members.) I cannot believe I am even considering working with a Council Member. You protect many traitors who betrayed their own kinds by committing treason... (He looks at Sandra.) and a Elder.

Sandra: This was not my idea, believe me.

Council Member: No one is trying to deny that we are mortal enemies here. Are they? If we should put our differences aside, maybe we will survive this.

Caramel Darklighter: What do you suggest for the necessity of a plan?

Olive Skinned Fury: (Furious) Are we seriously gonna take the word of a Council Member and a Elder?

Caramel Darklighter: It's a state of surviving for us all.

(The fury is surprised to looking at the Caramel Darklighter as she stands up from her chair.)

Olive Skinned Fury: (Furious) Are you protecting them?

(Caramel Darklighter stands up and looking at Olive Skinned Fury.)

Caramel Darklighter: (Furious) No, it's a state of surviving for us all. Even the Furies wantes to stay alive, if you don't. That can be arranged!

(They are looking at each other threatening manner, as both are waiting for the one to start attacking, a Grimlock comes between and looks at them.)

Grimlock: This is just pointless, The Dark Vessel doesn't care if you are a Darklighter or a Fury or Good or Evil. This is just a systematic extinction of both sides.

(All three go back to the light grey conference table and sits on their individual chair.)

[Ext: Unknown Protected Location]

[Protected Dimension / Int: Huge island-platform surrounded by the sea, F.O.R.C.E. at morning.]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bathroom]

Christy opens the shower curtain and climbs in as she drops her towel to the bathroom and turns on the shower with her left hand. Christy is surrounded by steam of water falling down on her face and her body, her eyes are closed as some seconds later on. Her eyes opens and Christy takes some of the conditioner on her hand as she starts to rub conditioner into her hair, the lather builds up, covering her face, which forcing her eyes closed once more. As Christy rinses off the soap of her hair as well as her face. She takes a blue washcloth and adds some more conditioner and she starts to rubs all over her body as the lather builds up, covering her whole body, and then Christy reaches for the shower head and rinses off the soap. Some seconds she opens her eyes and then opens the shower curtain and climbs out of the shower with a white long towel wrapped around her while slightly little warm steam emits from her body as she slowly bends down and feels her both legs to see if she needs to shave them, however, it feels mild and pleasant, as she leaves the bathroom.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bathroom]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

While walking and still wrapped in a white long towel around her, she goes to a wardrobe and opens the door and which reveals a storage space for hanging clothes on the hooks. While looking she finds unexpectedly her old cheerleading uniform as it showing F.O.R.C.E. in white text on the top, due to her better judgment, a few minutes later on. Christy is seen wearing her cheerleading uniform which is a combination of black and red polyester uniform top and cheerleading skirt with a red stripe on hem with front V-notch and side vents and an elastic waistband, as she looking herself in the mirror. But Billie appears as she is stunned to see her older sister checking herself out.

Billie: Hi. (Christy is surprised.) so you are thinking about being a cheerleader again. (Billie noticed an expression on Christy's eyes.) If you try to erase this memory from my mind, one way or another everyone will know.

Christy: Fine. No. I am not. I left for a reason.

Billie: Which is?

Christy: Nothing.

Billie: Do I need to dig it out of you?

Christy: I am older.

Billie: Alright. I need to leave now, bye.

(Billie was about to leave and Christy managed run in front of Billie.)

Christy: You were gonna snitch on me, are you?

Billie: (Lying) No, of course not.

Christy: You are lying.

Billie: Well, what are you going to do about it?

Christy: You are so enjoying this embarrassing treatment. I will remember this.

Billie: Yeah.

(Both of them go on their each bed.)

Christy: I wanted to become a cheerleader, as it looked to be fun and I am very good at sport physical activities, and I managed to pass the cheerleading tryouts, however, I froze up in sight of all the dancing and hopping which it lifts the mini skirt and reveals too much, when I was about to take on those loose, fluffy, decorative balls unexpectedly I got a premonition where I messed up the cheer routine in front on the whole school and experienced my life's most embarrassing cheerleading moment which caused me to froze up even more, I realized that I should quit. Call for Taylor.

Billie: (Confused) Why?

Christy: Do it.

Billie: (Shouts) Taylor!

(Suddenly someone in a cocoon-like state was teleporting down to the ground, when all the aerokinetic webs disappears and reveals Taylor.)

Taylor: Hi.

Christy: Billie. Wanna know a secret? Well not really a secret. But you just didn't know about this.

Billie: What?

Christy: Taylor was the one who teleported down to the demonic dungeon, and saved me. That's one of the reasons I requested her.

Billie: (Upset) Why wasn't I told about this? Does mom and dad know about this?

(Christy and Taylor nods with their head and Billie is gasping in shock.)

Billie: (Upset) And you kept this secret so long?

Christy: Well not kept, we just decided not to tell you about this.

Billie: (Upset) Why!

Taylor: Really? You were constantly fainting.

Billie: (Upset) No. Not constantly. One time and nearly 2 times more to.

Taylor: (Confused) Is that a Cheerleading uniform?

Christy: It's great that Taylor is clearly good at keeping things confidential.

Taylor: Fine.

Billie: (Emotional) I hate you both, but I also love you.

(They all have a group hug together, and then let go.)

Taylor: Do you need some help?

Christy: I am good. Billie?

Billie: I am fine.

Taylor: Well then, bye.

(Taylor waves with her hand as the Jenkins Sisters are doing the same as Taylor disappears whilst the aerokinetic webs are surrounding her.)

Christy: Billie. Wanna see something awesome?

Billie: I have already seen myself in a mirror.

Christy: Very funny. But no. Check this out. It took a while to learn, however. I have at last learned how to do it.

(Christy reaches out her arm as a fireball appears in her hand.)

Billie: (Confused) That's nothing new, I have seen you conjuring fireballs before.

Christy: Wait.

(As Christy concentrates and the fireball becomes a purple colored with fire and psychic energy.)

Billie: What? How did you do that? Is it a power advancement? Have you gone evil? Hahaha.

Christy: You could say the same thing about fireballs. However. I am a Firestarter. So it's okay.

Billie: So no new power?

Christy: No, I practiced and I learned. I conjured a fireball and with telepathically empowered it with psychic energy.

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: Underworld. / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / The Collective Bedroom]

Suddenly viewing up into the high ceiling with whole lot of several torches on the walls, and the complex ceiling is constructed of many parts, which has a similarity in appearance of a honeycombed with hundreds of sleeper cells where Denitra is seen sleeping in a bed while being covered by a sheet, who is seemed to be dreaming.

[Int: Denitra's Dream / San Francisco / Uptown Alley]

Denitra is stunned to see her human counterpart, she recalls the kinetic energy is making an appearance and explodes between Christy and Denitra knocking them backwards, she was holding on her temples and screaming like she has gone insane as she is having severe headaches. As she was feeling violent and painful convulsions due to being the non-native version of the human counterpart, Denitra was being rejected as the "third sister".

[Ext: Denitra's Dream / San Francisco / Uptown Alley]

As someone familiar voice is calling her name. Denitra wakes up barely opens her eyes as she is surprised to see Christy is standing in front of her, as she is seen dressed in the same clothes which Denitra had before her physical body was vanquished. Denitra instantly conjures a fireball and throws at Christy which went through her and blasted at a wall, however, Christy acted as the fireball smacked into her into the heart as she gasped and starts to scream as the flames ran up and down as she soon exploded.

Denitra: (Smirks) Pesky Witch.

(Through a rising smoke which is reforming and Christy reappears.)

Christy: Hi again. (Waves with her hand.)

(Denitra gets up wearing her usual fury clothes, as she raises her hands to her temples and concentrates by using a psychic blast which went through Christy and blasted at a wall and reflected and made Denitra soar backwards and slamming against a wall and falls down, as she starts to get up from the ground.)

Denitra: What are you?

Christy: Wow, we are sure stubborn.

Denitra: Who are we?

Christy: Oh, I am sorry. where are my manners. I am just a fragment of your fantasy.

Denitra: I am not having a fantasy about that witch.

Fantasy Christy: Really? But then why am I here?

Denitra: Then why...? (Fantasy Christy interrupts.)

Fantasy Christy: Why I am wearing the clothes you got vanquished in. Who knows?

(Denitra tries to return to sleep, but Fantasy Christy doesn't let her.)

Fantasy Christy: Don't be like that, I am bored, keep me company. Hello. Denitra! Hey Deni! Wake up. Entertain me. Denitra? Hello?

Denitra: How can you be so annoying? Were you this annoying like that little pesky witch?

(Playfully mocking Denitra by having her arms in a cross.)

Fantasy Christy: I am shivering due to the cold shoulder, you are giving me. I don't know, depends on who you ask. I thought I had a certain personality traits of her.

Denitra: No offense, but I really don't have time for this. This is ridiculous, you aren't even real.

Fantasy Christy: Well I am not so much me as I am you really. Part of your subconscious mind. So am I real? That's up to you I guess. Although me being here is quite fascinating. Would you think so?

Denitra: What do you want?

Fantasy Christy: Nothing, you on the other are having issues to deal with.

Denitra: Which kind of issues do you mean?

Fantasy Christy: Come on, let's be real. You felt something when you discovered that pesky witch was still alive. After you struggled so much to be reunited with Billie and again and restore your Ultimate Power status.

Denitra: I didn't feel anything, all I felt like I was being teared apart.

Fantasy Christy: I am not here to judge, Denitra. I am here because you brought me here. If you want to be in denial, then fine by me.

Denitra: (Shouts) I am not in denial! she betrayed me when she sided with the real evil, who all needed to be stopped. But I wanted to make Billie suffer first, she doesn't understand the truth!

Fantasy Christy: Now we are getting somewhere. Why did you save that mortal woman, as you could have killed her?

Denitra: I don't know, it felt like I was chained in shackles of forced morality.

Fantasy Christy: Maybe the Triad created you too well, and due to your connection to Christy Jenkins and their collective morality. At long range you are bound to their collective morality and severe headaches at short range.

[Ext: Underworld / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / The Collective Bedroom]

[Int: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

(Christy gets a telepathic premonition.)

[Int: Telepathic Premonition / San Francisco / Golden Gate Park]

Paige is captured as she is pinned against two trees while her hands are covered by webs. She is dressed in a dark grey skirt little above the knees and black blouse and black leggings with white sneakers with grey light strips. While Piper and Phoebe are able to face Paige, as they are also pinned against two trees while their hands are covered by webs. Piper is dressed in white blouse and black trousers with white sneakers with light grey strips, and Phoebe is dressed in pink sleeveless top and blue trousers with white sneakers with light grey strips. Paige's blouse gets shredded of with telekinesis, revealing her to wear a blue push up bra and as she is screaming in pain while the dirt wolves are slowly carving "fear" into her stomach with sharp stone shard as small drops of blood are falling down to the ground.

[Ext: Telepathic Premonition / San Francisco / Golden Gate Park]

Christy: Billie! We need to leave now, and save Piper and her sisters.

Billie closes her eyes and concentrates and she starts to glow and her clothes disappears and replaced with a costume consisting of gray and black polyester jacket with black trim, button front and snap collar closure, Black cotton ripstop trousers with button front closure. Black leather gauntlets with trim that matches jacket and elastic lacing, and a black scabbard with a samurai sword on her back and dagger leg scabbards on each leg and she opens her eyes. Billie reaches out her arm and grabs on her samurai sword from the scabbard from her back, the blade started to slightly glow as Billie hair was blowing backwards and stops. Christy walks in dressed in black trousers and white t shirt.

Christy: (Stunned) Whoa!. New uniform?

Billie: (Surprised) What? Whoa! What the? When did this happened?

Christy: You didn't notice?

Billie: No. Did you change your clothes?

Christy: I had to, I can't go in my cheerleadering uniform. (Threatening) And if you say anything about this to anyone?

(Billie turns around and lets out a giggle as Christy notice and doesn't look to happy.)

Billie: Well, what are you going to do about it? pinch me? pick on me? All the same you are not that bad, I got used to being picked on by you. But you are not evil like your (Signs with air quotes.) "twin sister".

(Billie and Christy holds each others hands and teleports through thermal flames.)

[Ext: F.O.R.C.E. / Living Quarters / Christy's Living Quarter / Bedroom]

[Int: San Francisco / Golden Gate Park / Day Time]

(Billie and Christy appears through thermal flames.)

Piper: (Shouts) Go away, Billie!

Instantly 10 dirt wolves appears through fading manner, Christy was holding on her temples and using her telepathy to inflicting so much pain and vanquishing of 4 dirt wolves and severely injuring 6 of them. Although made Christy very weak, as she dropped to the ground barely conscious as they were more powerful than what she thought, Billie conjured massive wave of blades and daggers and sharp shards releasing the Charmed Ones as well as which caused many dirt wolves to disintegrate into fragments which started to fly around in a circle, and then the wolves were pulled back together.

Billie: (Shouts) Leave!

Suddenly telepathic illusions of the Charmed Ones disappears, which is revealed to be a trap, as the dirt wolves are firing webbing at Billie, while she is cutting through with her sword, and the creates a shield around her and Christy. The Woogyman appears through smoking as an grey skinned wrinkly elderly man dressed in a black rode with a hood. As he instantly fires a massive kinetic blast through Energy Projection at Billie's shield, causing her to soar backwards against a tree almost causing it to snap in half and dropping her sword on the ground and bleeding from head and shattering the shield into pieces. The dirt wolves are levitating unconscious Christy with Telekinesis as the Woogyman telekinetically drains a small sample of Christy's blood through an open wound, as the Dirt Wolves wraps her in webbing turning her into mummy like bundle. While the Woogyman makes a hand gesture a swirling portal of water appears.

The Woogyman: Poor, little witch. How will you survive now? How will you fight us off? You have searched for your sister so long time ago, what a funny irony that you would lose her again. You want your sister? Huh, then go and get her.

While he telekinetically shoves the mummy like bundle which contains Christy in the swirling portal of water as the Woogyman is about to close the portal. Billie suppresses the pain and calls for her sword to her hand. As the dirt wolves are firing webbing while Billie is using her sword to cut through as she is running and leaps into the portal before it closes and disappears.

The Woogyman: (Shouts) Finally! now I can gain the true power, one set of sisters gone. and two sets to go.

(After some minutes Cross appears through smoking in fading manner throws a young caramel skinned woman and a young caucasian woman onto the ground. Cross looked down at the crying witches as she was thinking about to torture them for fun.)

Cross: Good witches are now rare and difficult to find, however, who cares about evil witches? That's just considered acceptable loss.

Evil Witch: Are we gonna be vanquished?

Cross: Only after we're done with you both.

The two witches cried even more, in great pain and with the knowledge of knowing they weren't going to live throughout the day. As they both are regretting their choice of being evil. The Woogyman looked at the two witches. As shadow based light appeared in their eyes and placing the witches under his control. The witches got up and stood together as one of them was feed a potion with blood of a powerful good witch so one of them would be cloaked in goodness. To cast a unique spell which not supposed to exist which is capable of taming the Hollow. The two witches are spell casting in an unknown language.

[Ext: San Francisco / Golden Gate Park / Day Time]

[The Ancient Burial Ground]

Good and Evil are there playing chess. Good is wearing a white robe with a halo above her head. Evil is wearing a black robe. Good is sitting in front of the board, meditating. Evil is standing near by. Everything starts to shake like an earthquake. The rectangular box is glowing as the two witches are chanting, shards are starting to appear on the box, as the two witches are chanting the rectangular box reaching its breaking point and explodes and unleashing the Hollow as millions of black bee-like creatures bursting both of the great doors open with such of great strength.

[Ext: The Ancient Burial Ground]

[Int: San Francisco / Golden Gate Park]

(Millions of black bee-like creatures flies into the Woogyman, and fusioning with him making him able to tame the Hollow, as he non-verbally signals as the dirt wolves are firing webs at Cross, as she is pinned against two trees while her hands are covered by webs, while Cross looks stunned.)

The Woogyman: You shouldn't have manipulated the wolves into attacking Denitra.

Cross: She is planning to overthrown you my liege. What ever I did, and how hard I tried, she was always considered to be more of a daughter than I ever will.

The Woogyman snaps with his fingers on both hands and conjured purple-looking fireballs, which consisted of both fire and psychic energy. Cross is horrified as she looks to a being which was considered to be like a father to her, as he throws the two thermal balls which smacked into her into the heart as she gasped and starts to scream as the flames ran up and down as she soon exploded, as he reforms as a sentient cloud of shadow and disappears through smoking.

[Ext: San Francisco / Golden Gate Park]

[Int: Underworld / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / Main Arena]

The Cave is dark and there are several torches on the walls. There is a huge gathering of several various demonic species, surrounding around a huge stage as the Woogyman appears as sentient cloud who whirls a reforms into an grey skinned wrinkly elderly man dressed in a black rode with a hood having a satisfied expression on his face, and all demons stands on one knee and bows down.

Every demonic species: (Shouts) Our Dark Master! and our Dark Lord! we are powerful and protected by your generosity, we swear our loyalty in and beyond. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours by cleansing us in your glory and victory.

[Ext: Underworld / The Cave of The Dark Vessel / Main Arena]

[Int: Ancient Time / The Ancient World of The Native Wizards]

While time traveling through a time portal Billie can see Christy from a distance, suddenly a flash appeared at daytime and Billie was flying from the portal and landing harshly she starts to roll down a huge hill, saying "Ouch" several times, and then she rolls into a forest and crushes several plants and flowers a bushes and grass and sticks and she finally stops.

Billie was lying on the ground on her back as, she tried to stand up while having cuts and reflecting on her pain, she tries to hold the pressure on her stab wound and to push out a large tree shard from her left leg, however, she managed to finally pass out due to all the pain, and lying unconscious. After a short while the footsteps can be heard and tries to come close to Billie, suddenly the samurai sword within the black scabbard on her back starts to glow as its was channeling Billie's magic by creating a protective sphere, and several spiritual light based wolves appears in a belligerent hostile manner. As they are surrounding the unknown person and looking at while they are revealing their canine teethes. As an unknown person in brown hooded robe reveals a female arm and touches the shield with her hand as the shield acknowledged the intentions are entirely honorable as it disappears as the spiritual light based wolves. The unknown person in brown hooded robe calls for her staff to her hand and with the other hand on Billie by establishing and maintaining physical contact to teleport to desired destination by a combination of swirling blue spirals as they fades away.

[Int: Unknown Location, Unknown Cave]

The unknown woman in brown hooded appears with Billie through a combination of swirling blue spirals, as the staff disappears, then she walks right through while viewing whole lot of several torches on the walls. Once through, she is in a beautiful landscape and within a very quaint and attractive town with heavy on stone and brick construction. While another parts of the town are constructed with wooden huts roofed with straw, as she is carrying Billie and walking through the town to a hospital building.

[Ext: Unknown Location / Unknown Cave]

[Int: Unknown Location / Unknown Town / Hospital Building]

Where Billie is put on an operating table. Whilst Billie appears lying unconscious on her back. The large tree shard was pooled out by Telekinesis from Billie's left leg, as Billie quickly woke up due to the pain and alarming the unknown person as Billie quickly passed out again. A potion was poured into Billie's mouth and a sheet was placed over her, her body started to glow brightly in some seconds to establishing that the potion is active, through several herbs and plants placed on the sheet and an enchant in unknown language. Billie becomes completely healed, however, her clothes was disintegrated and disappeared, a spell was used to get Billie cleaned and conjured a hospital gown on Billie and teleported through Apportation to a bedroom to let her sleep.

[Ext: Unknown Location / Unknown Town / Hospital Building]

[Int: Unknown Location / Unknown Town / Hospital Building / Random Bedroom]

After several hours Billie was lying in a bed on her back as she was sleeping as she was covered by only a fluffy dark brown sheet. She woke up and feeling minor pain in her back as finding herself sleeping in a bed and discovering she was dressed in a long light grey hospital gown she tries to stand up, but her arms aren't able to support her as she falls down, some minutes later a seemly brunette young caucasian woman named Theodora knocks on the door and walks in carrying tray of goodies which consist of oatmeal and juice and fruit for their latest guest arrival.

Theodora: Hi, How are you? What's your name? (Billie looks suspiciously at Theodora.) I aren't gonna hurt dear, here eat something.

Billie: Thanks.

Theodora: So, what's your name?

Billie: Billie. My name is Billie.

Theodora: My name is Theodora Blaze.

(Billie gets a shock expression after realizing that she remembers reading about Theodora Blaze in the wizard book and being the mother to Adrianna Arya as well as step mother to Adria, in addition to one of the two creators of the Book of Light.)

Billie: I can't stand up.

Theodora: Although. You are healed, you are still much weak.

(Theodora leaves the tray on a desk, and helps Billie to stand up as her arms stills aren't able to support her, and takes the tray from the desk and leaves it next to Billie. As Billie is looked at the oatmeal, remembering how she didn't liked oatmeal while her parents were telling her that it was good for her. However, Billie didn't wanna sound rude or ungrateful so Billie picked up the spoon as she started to eat.)

Billie: Thanks.

Theodora: (Smiles) You are welcome. I found you, being covered in dangerous and poisonous plants and you had a large tree shard in your left leg. (Billie was touching her left leg.) I used my healing knowledge to save you. (Theodora moved her hand and a hologram screen appeared and viewing the whole events, as the hologram disappears.)

Billie: How come you understand and speak the same language as I?

Theodora: (Confused) Why wouldn't I?

Billie: Well, I am rather from really far way.

Theodora: The future?

Billie: (Stunned) What makes you think that?

Theodora: Well wizards possess an ability to understand and speak any language without extensive formal training. There is a prophecy which foretells about a warrior who came from a different time with the ethereal sword who is destined to find the Goddess of Neutrality. The Warrior would experience involuntary visions or things that will or wouldn't happened and great heartache.

Billie: What’s this got to do with me?

Theodora: I believe you are the person that the prophecy is talking about, which means you will find the Goddess of Neutrality.

Billie: How can you be sure?

Theodora: I have faith, when you get better I will reveal a place which can validate if you are the Warrior. But it does not change the fact that I think you are the one in the prophecy.

Billie: How do you know its me though, my sister was pushed in a portal and I followed her. I can’t do this. I won't find this Goddess of Neutrality, I have done horrible things, I should have never been given these powers or the sword, I need to find my sister.

Theodora: You will find the Goddess and your sister, because I believe in you. The town's people will all be here to help you. The Destiny has chosen to bless you with your powers and the sword for a reason, only you were meant to have them, but you need to rest.

Billie: (Curious) Is there a wizard named Merlin?

Theodora: Yeah. How so?

Billie: Nothing. Just curious. (Thinking) I wonder if, he is that Merlin.

(When Billie was finished with eating, Theodora picks up the tray of Billie and puts it on the same desk again.)

Theodora: I should leave you now, so you can get some sleep.

(Theodora helps Billie lie down to the pillow.)

Billie: Thanks.

As Theodora smiles and as she picks up the tray again of the desk and opens the door and goes through as she closes the door behind her. Billie calls for her sword, which appears in her hand and she places the sword horizontally on her legs and touching the blade with her hands as Billie closes her eyes and starts concentrating and the blade starts to glow as Billie was tapping into the full quantity of the essence of the ethereal sword, and briefly turning her hair white as it was causing Billie to unleash a seemly quiet unrestrained moan of awe in the process.

[Int: Billie's Mind / Illusionary beautiful island]

Billie appears in a illusionary beautiful island surrounded by a sea with palm trees and sand as Billie lies on a wooded brown beach chair with white fabric cover and a white beach umbrella with light wooded stick while it's revealed that she is wearing a blue bikini, and sunglasses and a red rose in her hair. As she opens her eyes and stands up in the beach chair while she pulls up the sunglasses in her hair with her right hand as she is stunned to notice around her surroundings.

Billie: (Surprised) Where am I?

(A light green swarm of mystical essence appears through bright glistening.)

Mystical Essence: Greetings my Mistress.

(Billie stands up as she takes a bikini wrap cover around herself and tied it, while her blue bikini top is the only part which is showing.)

Billie: Why am I here? And in a bikini nevertheless.

Mystical Essence: It's just an illusion and where you are most comfortable with.

Billie: I need to find my sister and to see if she is healthy and safe.

Mystical Essence: Mistress, your sister has sent telepathic visions.

Billie: She did? I want to see the visions.

A part of the island illusion dissolves into the visions of the message. A guard with cloaked face is holding a blonde young woman in handcuffs by the neck who is dressed in a warrior resemblance uniform, marches her into a throne room and stops, someone sitting on a throne in front of her. As the guard shoves the person to the floor at the bottom of the steps which lead up to the throne. Which is shaped as a swirling cobra with the cobra head above revealing its fangs, and reveals a caucasian male to be Aeromos is seemed sitting on his throne dressed in dark brown clothing with a black scabbard with a sword on his back. While two guards with cloaked face are flanking Aeromos.

Guard: Kneel before your god.

Woman: Kneeling!

(As she straightens up it revealed to be Billie, and we see that it is Aeromos sitting on the throne, whilst Christy is lying on the side on a sofa close to him, Christy is forced to wear an outfit with is strapless silver fabric top which reveals her stomach and a gold fabric skirt just above the knees and strange looking fabric shoes, she has an ankle bracelet which prevents her from trying to disappear and disobey.)

Aeromos: What do you see Seer?

(Christy is stunned to Billie in chains as she starts to concentrate fiercely by refusing but the ankle bracelet eventually overpowers Christy and forces her to obey.)

Christy: For the moment you and your kingdom are safe my lord. However, she is trying to kill you.

Christy just realized that she has just signed her sister's death warrant. A vision reveals the guards takes Billie and chains her to a sacrificial altar as she is from a short moment to be publicly executed. A large crowd gathers to see Billie, Christy tries to save her sister from the altar but is restrained by the ankle bracelet. A guard comes with a torch and emits heat, fuel lit fire soon overtakes Billie and she is burned to death, soon a great gust blows the flames away and ashes of Billie disappears. Christy is emotionally devastated, as Aeromos looks at the imprisoned Seer.

Aeromos: You hate me, don't you?

Christy: With all my heart, my lord.

Aeromos: Why do you have such reverence for her? That ridiculous prophecy is just nonsense. As I saved your life!

Christy: That's a matter of perspective.

Aeromos: You think I am to harsh on people. If she really had as much power as you think she did, why couldn't she help you? She merely gave up and did nothing.

Christy: You mean. Like you, it can't never be peace through killing people. You are not really trying to justify your actions, are you?

Aeromos: But it would bring obedience! That will have to do. I have no need for you to understand this.

Christy: I have to admit, it does sound interesting. (She thinks for a moment as if she was really thinking about it. Aeromos smiles at her.) On the other hand, you are an dishonorable evil wizard, so thanks, but no thanks.

(Aeromos's smile fades. Christy smiles smugly, Aeromos makes a hand gesture as the ankle bracelet glows as Christy's face contorts in pain.)

Aeromos: Don't worry Christy, I can't remove the ankle bracelet, nobody is gonna touch you, until you want me.

Christy: As my lord requests.

(When the visions comes to the end, as the island illusion dissolves back into a illusionary beautiful island.)

Billie: Well, this can't be a good sign. We have to save her.

Mystical Essence: Mistress, she is safe for the moment.

Billie: (Upset) Safe? There is no such thing as safe.

Mystical Essence: Mistress, before saving your sister. You could focus your attention on the possibly of being the Warrior.

Billie: Why?

Mystical Essence: You can’t be pressed into accepting your destiny. However, it could be a possible future. If you reject it.

[Ext: Billie's Mind / Illusionary beautiful island]

As Billie has awakened, and her sword has disappeared from the bed. Billie is stubborn to start to see if she is the promised Warrior. Billie opens the covers and steps out of the bed due to her legs aren't strong enough to support her, she falls to the floor, the door opens and Theodora walks in as she looks down at Billie.

Theodora: What are you trying to do?

Billie: I have to save my sister.

Theodora: You need to rest.

Billie: Later. I have a sister to save. How did you see me?

Theodora: I used crystals to sense for you, I don't wanna do this, but it's for the greater good.

Billie: (Confused) What are you talking about?

(Theodora takes a light brown powder from a fabric pawn sized bag, and knees down to Billie's face and blows the powder in her face which caused Billie to fall to sleep. As she snaps with her fingers with her left hand and Billie appears in Theodora's arms. And she puts Billie in the bed and covers her with the brown fluffy sheet.)

Theodora: Like it or not, savior. Everyone needs to rest to fight another day.

(As Theodora walks to the door and opens the door and goes through as she closes the door behind her. While Billie is sleeping in her bed and covered by the brown fluffy sheet, she gets flashes from her visions.)

[Int: Billie's Perceptual Experience Dream]

Billie walks over to a huge green solid wall within the dark forest, while it reveals some circular panels have been carved and inserted into the wall. She looks at the part of the wall as goes to the part of that writing is on a panel. She runs her hands around the panel, however, nothing happens and then Billie places her hand and pushes her hand on the panel which disappears and reveals a dark wooden podium and a light based rectangular box as it was glowing Billie picks up the rectangular box and opens the box and sees a necklace with a medallion with a crystal-like surface.

[Ext: Billie's Perceptual Experience Dream]

[Ext: Unknown Location / Unknown Town / Hospital Building / Random Bedroom]

The End.

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